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  • 00:00: I'm going to teach today to make a Stitched butterfly machine accompanies 4th There I will teach how to make a butterfly. using flaps for bigger haja and I'll scratch six centimeters for three and asia smaller 4 cm by three of the reverse side of the risk fabric mold you you can risk it with a pencil 4b 16 kiss kiss right side on the right and
  • 00:32: pin [Music] mark where it will be opening to untap I I'm going to start sewing here starting with finish I'll be able to finish this point behold also the smaller mold on this right side on right and
  • 01:09: pins [Applause] [Music] Mars where it will be opening the start from that point the normal machine feet I 'm using this embroidery to make it appear better on the video below the needle on top PKU below the risk of the machine and
  • 01:39: starts with finish [Music] I finished with arremate do the same with the other piece [Music] now titled back leaving a
  • 02:15: small margin because the margin is small it is not necessary peck with a hashim stick brush cable shuts off part [Music] [Music]
  • 02:48: do the same with the other part of the point into the opening and pass through and iron [Music] Now you can close with dots invisible or with the machine itself only in the part where it is open to
  • 03:19: that the low needle does not appear then I started with finish and finished with finish this speck will not appear later do the same with another piece apart was stitched
  • 04:01: will stand on top of each other for the antennas you can use the line search point or the crochet line you can also use the fine end will be that is used for costume jewelry found in the middle part I came here [Music] and now fold with index finger
  • 04:31: I'll push the fabric stayed a foliage is that once again Now I'm going to pry to do the same. in the other piece [Music] now way to curl up both doing confirm how much with the line to the
  • 05:04: same procedure and overlap the expected end i'll leave a tip big if it is line it is the same procedure more than four drinks and only roll as many turns as you want and the third party to be well
  • 05:35: centralized [Music] just cut it now just listen to a tip with the other making new [Music] this last knot I will pass twice by the thrown and pulls and now I'm going to make a node on each antenna
  • 06:11: [Music] [Music] You are here in a line of three. points I used it in blue and pink color to match with the film fabrics will be given leave the
  • 06:41: antennas much more movies You can use these butterflies to apply on bags and also frames ireland and also use as refrigerator if you want you can decorate with 6 pearls you can paste the 6 screens using the universal dimension or hot glue as I already showed in another video I use
  • 07:11: very the overlock clamp if hot glue you should drop the glue and then paste the universal dimension It takes longer to dry so I I did all the dripping after school and here they are ready in this I put a half screen bigger
  • 07:41: in our larger and two smaller ones on the underside of the others I just I put it on the bottom with the size little You can turn those butterflies and souvenirs I already showed you in other videos. I like to use this kind of magnet part where the ladder is where it should be put hot glue but always test placing in front of the refrigerator to
  • 08:15: stick on I like to first put a small piece of the retailer because the felt very close to the magnet [Music] press for a few seconds so that stay tight
  • 08:46: Then just glue my butterfly I've already shown other types of souvenirs including in refrigerator and here is one more suggestion for you how to reuse the flaps that Do you have at home? If you liked who I liked and
  • 09:17: share on your social networks all molds are available in my blog dot com in the video description will be in the link The exact shape of this template has not yet on the channel sign up to receive the Updates Thank you so much, God bless. more
  • 09:47: [Music] [Music]