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The most down and long not hardening rolls in syrup! Bun in syrup!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hi my good cyanide novocvet and you like the environment in my home channel kitchens at the request of their subscribers I cook delicious feather down of the tenderest rolls in syrup and also want to offer this recipe rice beaver larisochka I'll try here this recipe I know you got upset cooked a yeast pie and you the filling came out and the dough turned out excellent cook these buns to you they will very, very like it at as long as you just start
  • 00:30: to work with a yeast test spoils his relatives and friends with these buns just like I have them inside wrapped you can miss butter with sprinkled sugar with cinnamon just like you can just maslyk or just sugar, although not in principle I'm in this recipe has added a sufficient rate they are sweet enough sugar especially so you do not have to add there any fillings try I think about you very not I like it but at least I tried Well I will not be as always a long chat
  • 01:00: proceed to our wonderful the most gentle wolf and prepare the spit in a bowl, I already poured in pleasantly warm milk 300 milliliters here I send a tablespoon of sugar 3 tablespoons with a good slide flour and I pour 35 40 grams of pressed yeast
  • 01:34: such an amount of yeast I take because that often dough it makes me very comfortable and I add a lot of sugar and something yeast was easier to cope with amount of sugar and butter in the test all this is all mixed and left at 15 minutes was bubbly look how good Our pair and now we add here egg a teaspoon of salt without a slide
  • 02:04: melted margarine it is called for children 70 70 75 and somewhere grams just about he was not hot already cooled vanillin You can add everything to your taste. add in the spirit as I call it yes here These are all things to smell if you do not I like adding a little cinnamon
  • 02:35: buns we make without such fillings so I want the dough to be more rich aroma now I will pass big bowls that it will need to be I poured everything into a large capacity and now here I will add 7 dining rooms
  • 03:05: I already introduced sugar spoons of sugar mixed and separately on scales at me weighed 500 grams of flour I gradually I'll enter here and then I'll show you what consistency what should be dough and whether we have enough flour or us need less or more here is the dough turns out to me here has entered exactly half a kilogram of flour and now separately on I still weighed 200 grams, but I
  • 03:36: I do not think so, I'll take 100 I will fill 2 tablespoons with good hill it's about another 100 grams flour and will be in this flour about me dough and just enough to make the dough our turned out gentle and soft yes themselves and we knead quite enough of this flour I will collect it all from the table just
  • 04:16: dough and our dough will rise so after I collected the whole composition flour pour a little vegetable oil and remembered me along with the oil our dough for about The warm- up should take you about 30 milliliters of vegetable oil and all I will now put
  • 04:47: five ten minutes to make a dough more elastic smoothly and clean in a bowl on the rise so that it increases two to three times handles will be limescens you see how many bottles of oil now dirty already when will approach or suit already already
  • 05:19: we will sculpt she will not be so sticky I pour a small drop of oil on the table Lubricate the table and spread our dough that's how it has improved three times mildly very much and now I'm lightly a bit and well, well, I will not hug so here is just a little bit of everything and I'll share portion by piece how many
  • 05:50: every bit will weigh me now I'll weigh it and he'll say everything every ball weighs it me for 100 grams and simply and the hands of the center pinch did just a handy round ball to make it easier then was to form a bun dough slightly sticky then but this is due to the fact that the dough is very convenient and fairly sweet nothing if
  • 06:21: that wet your hands in oil everything and so Now the dough is heard and today we will wrap up slippers all of the received test, I get 14 balls there will be 14 rolls and take one a piece I lubricate a little bit of butter without working flour a little bit on a roll roll out you can even this way to stretch your fingers
  • 07:09: even faster we lubricate a little with oil Lubricate straight edge hand wrapped to center so that the seam is in the middle a little and you squeeze and wrap in such a roll and so here we lay out on parchment distance between buns somewhere I leave a centimeter and a half
  • 07:42: all this is nothing more than the sky for not gave absolutely because the rolls sweet enough and very fragrant self-sufficient three there is nothing you need to otherwise be too much try to make the center it's dough by
  • 08:15: denser at the edges to be thinner and here I do with all the buns to become world buns necessarily give distance that they increased two times until our rolls come up we are with you we shall weld for them a syrup half a glass of sugar I pour into the ladle and from the norm of sugar that is , we had half a glass then I
  • 08:46: add a third half of the glass water I put on fire and wait for sugar dissolved and in the end I will add a tea a spoonful of lemon juice all and our lesson will be ready to buns have already parted and I I send them to bake at 170 degrees Our insanely fragrant buns are ready look what a beautiful such peach color like when not before hiccups like this color I love cakes this is me like that this year to me
  • 09:17: little baby I did not disturb them a little slightly overexposed but like this I love this one for me perfect baking color a little bit 1 bun did not last long because I was in the oven put a little finger and a little bit and that's it. dispersed but not scary and here I have ready already syrup I with a brush lubricate our wonderful blocks the fragrance stands incomparable no stuffing
  • 09:47: Do not need more plus lemon juice added syrup beauty the remnants of syrup you can safely use for tea or exactly the same You can send sugar this syrup to compote so you do not disappear if suddenly you will be charged with such a question what to do with the remains of syrup or in whose to or in compote
  • 10:18: and by the way it is better to cook it closer to the end of baking rolls because that he can grasp a little a little bit of a peek if there's a guest behind put on a small fire and just give he again melts well and Mix and everything can now buns let them cool and then show you
  • 10:48: what they have turned out fluffy Well, in the fault well, and now of course for I 'll show you what buns we have with you turned out to take the one that I not only cool look what beauty is here dough to separate and it comes off straight as strands it is so gentle
  • 11:18: look and delicate they are so delicious they see so softly it comes off straight then this but softest she is so incomparable if you have there are problems with rolls or with the resulting fillings, prepare here is this recipe you will not need bother with stuffing how to run so that it does not flow
  • 11:50: Rolls in themselves are obtained self-contained insanely fragrant they Easter you and feather down in a different way you will say and very, very tasty, and I want you wish delicious impressions wonderful tea drinking indulge your loved ones make your home delicious baked goods subscribe to my channel share always your impressions and we are with you we will prepare a lot of very tasty and uncomplicated with you was the light
  • 12:21: all the best, the very best for now till