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  • 00:00: [music] Hello today we will study knit simple pattern Repeat pattern 4 loops type the number multiple 4 and 1 loop for symmetry we tie one air loop and from hooks in the second loop 1 2 we we sew a column without cuffs on 3
  • 00:30: air loops from our column counting 3 loops 1 2 3 and in the fourth we are talking about we knit a column without cape again for inside air loops again skip 33 and in fourth knit
  • 01:03: column without crochet and so until the end of row 3 air hinges 3 skipping column without crochet we tied the first row
  • 01:52: go to the second series of we sew 3 Air loops and there where we knitted a column we are tying cantilevered column now where
  • 02:24: or bars with crocheted without a crochet in previous row we we will three bars with cape are we than a column we tie the bars with a crochet and so on end of the row in each
  • 02:57: column without a crochet we we sew 3 bastion in this row is air do not match herself
  • 03:45: c above the bar we we sew 2 bastion proceed to the following sea let's tie it air loop and over marginal posts column without crochet
  • 04:15: further we knit 3 air loops inok there is an average bar of three above this By this we will bend without a crock again 3 air loops and again on is-3 above middle column without nakida and so on to the end of the series we lay down
  • 04:46: new arches for knitting of a column in the next row, then is in We have already we began to repeat already knitted arches in first row and knit them again at the end we we sew a column
  • 05:19: without top crochet loopback recovery here we have already knit here are the arches Of burrows tied arches knit the next row 3 more air loops at base loops knit a column with a crochet and next we will knit over each
  • 05:50: without a crochet column 3 columns with that is, we Emboss on exactly such three pillars with a crochet over the next one again three bars with cloak and so on to the end
  • 06:20: veda at the very end we are talking about
  • 07:02: in two bars with cape chery again and we will knit by 3 air loops in a stuffy loop column above the last 3 column air loops and over the middle
  • 07:34: a column of three we sew a column without a crochet 3 air loops and again over middle column without nakida and so on to the end there are only two alternating rows in this pattern everything is very simple
  • 08:07: the main thing price first two rows in this pattern on what you want linked before that last post upper loop lifting loops [music] turn
  • 08:38: go to next row and re-knit 3 air loops in base of the loops we We knit a column with and three the column is in these billets just like we knit in previous ranks I tied a little more that's so beautiful this pattern looks like the main thing is that it's very just knit everything
  • 09:09: two repetitive next in one row we we knit 3 air loops and posts without we form the outfit such arches and in another row we we knit on 3 columns with nakidom where we are knit posts without in the previous series of next row we re-knit 3 air loops and stakes without nakida already over the middle of the three posts
  • 09:40: that is, we have new arches do and again we knit 3 bastion above the posts without the cusp of the previous series here and the whole report horizontal 4 loop 1 loop for symmetry a vertical report only two recurring series I recommend this the pattern is very simple quickly knits looks pretty I hope you
  • 10:11: I liked the lesson I hope that he will useful will be glad see you on your own new lessons for all until new meetings [music] the [music] the
  • 10:48: [music]