How to make a bear for a doll. How to make Teddy Bear for doll.  See details »

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  • 00:00: greet you on
  • 00:37: channel girl herself in I will tell this video about how to sew is not large plush bear for dolls to us will be required little scissors wound dashi paper small piece felt thread two flowers necessarily need black and not suitable for color bat felt and small piece filler can use special filler for toys can use wool from I was neither one nor the other but I was a sintepon I have it here and disbanded
  • 01:07: going to fill im your toy first I'll draw his teddy bear he will be me small i immediately limit the size so that it is not easier to them to keep within the forest head an oval leg cannon front legs and hind legs but I
  • 01:40: a little did not keep up their limitations but but I'm teddy turned out quite proportional paws I make paw a bit because it's a bear such at us I get the layout I I cut it out like I usually get
  • 02:12: in half to make a teddy bear it was absolutely symmetrical here this is my the layout turned out using the we cut out the template two parts of felt bags we take one of the details and draw a muzzle round eyes and mouth
  • 02:49: now we take a thread with with a needle and start embroider one's face make a glazier stretch the needle three times we wind thread get a glazier
  • 03:19: make the second eye now embroider your mouth and a nose and a nose I'm embroidered with a vestibule seam that is, the loop me I pass a needle pull it out such a loop Now we sew a spout
  • 03:52: inside so he too was a black continuous now I I want to sew books little heart I I will cut a heart decided its suitable Th color thread you over the edge now I add up
  • 04:32: two-piece bags I begin to sew them together seam over me it is more convenient to start the head when the bear almost sewed I leave a small hole and through this hole by filling it out filler to and good squeeze
  • 05:02: filler in all I use the place here thin hook he will help me to push through when the teddy bear is full
  • 05:35: I'm otshivayu left a place Well, that's all teddy bear I am ready for everyone to enjoy creativity