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  • 00:00: okay so I was talking about my grandma right and then in prison and all those things but anyway okay this Ridge Utley built this house up by the way my name is Justin Caffrey and
  • 00:31: this is my studio and I built this in 97 and this was this room was just a porch so I told my I said let's not get any paint on the walls because we might sell this place in a few years I was doing a paint in one day and I didn't like it this is before there was paint on the walls anywhere and I was doing a painting one day I didn't like it and I decided to spec the whole painting off and I'm like frustrated so I threw the paint on the wall here and then this became a place to throw all the leftover paint right here and so it's really awesome to have an environment where
  • 01:01: anything goes you don't worry about it you just keep slapping paint on hey I don't know I don't know what happened this year but there's no lily pads I'm I keep waiting for someone to give me an answer for what happened all the lily pads but it used to be full of lily pads and I don't understand what happened my head my head is going way too far in this but it's funny that I think there's there's there's there's my part of making this art and there's the interpretation of the art and it begins with myself and how I need to talk about
  • 01:31: different collections and different things I need as I said before having a short attention span but beyond even the short attention span I need I need to be stimulated I needed to do things that make me excited the definition you know I think as I get
  • 03:19: older the definition of success it's way different than when it was for me 15 years ago you know when you have kids and a family and especially when you have difficulties in life and you start to see what the value of life really is success becomes more of how you live your life as opposed to what I do or what I make you
  • 03:56: you