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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear gardeners and Truck farmers with you Tatiana I'm glad to everyone welcome on your channel the harvest on garden many of you or started to plant cucumbers or just going and want you show very good checked and really effective way to plant and cultivation of cucumbers in this way I grow already on For several years I have already shared in this way and were really very positive feedback in the large quantity therefore decided for beginners
  • 00:31: and not only for newbies of my channel show and tell about this method because even on her fertile land not cultivated, you can already in the first year to get the best harvest of all favorite cultures cucumbers and now I want to show you on example of a cucumber this is one of my favorite hybrids I have already I grow not the first year is called shasha here at me samokrutki this my favorite way of growing was soaked 29 0 4
  • 01:02: I used to soak the suspension chlorella in diluted form sometimes in pure I add and I want to show you what again remarkable germination please see similar one hundred percent this seed still of course, she just gave birth
  • 01:33: but nevertheless I grow cucumbers only so that is, in the ground I do not have a seed put but if you like planting in land by dry seeds then this way also suitable so that the way The universal way works and I I want to tell you today what's the matter is a yielding method planting and growing cucumbers dig out a hole in an unnecessary place
  • 02:03: in general the deeper the hole the more you You can put organic substances and effect there will be even better, but in principle if you have there is no way to dig a large hole you can make a small here at me the hole is dug up on one and a half bayonet bayonet The land here is not to say that the poor but not sufficiently cultivated and since The greenhouse was put on virgin land and it turns out that the land here is mostly predominant sand to a greater extent and a little peat
  • 02:33: yes as the soil was imported and bulk and that's in order for the first year get a wonderful crop of cucumbers and that the earth was really fertile, I do the following, and the most important secret of today way of planting is nettles now early May in mid-May, I think that not The problem is to find the nettle nettle in me very careful attitude and I never I try not to weed out I specifically leave such places somewhere near the fence and during
  • 03:03: all season nettle several times grows and I use it for green fertilizer and directly for planting cucumbers in general all pumpkin cultures and not only by the way and here I break nettles I try biscornu Well, nettle is very fast and will grow can nettle add other herbs clover dandelion clover, too, contains a huge amount
  • 03:38: nitrogen because surely there will be a question no nettle than can be substituted in general then you can replace any green grass the main thing that these herbs were not poisonous if you want, you can add a little celandine but nettles are all the same main component When planting this way on the bottom of the hole, I put freshly harvested nettles the more you give her on the tile, of course, it is better
  • 04:09: it is desirable to refine it so the process decomposition will be much faster and We lay how much it is not a pity a nettle hole as I said nettles you can slightly either replace or dilute if you have a bit of other weeds I took a little clover of dandelion and
  • 04:39: a little cottage this is what I found now in the beginning May to my eyes and by the hand now that I I make sure to pour the compost necessarily mixing and, as it were, rub this bulk it must be done in order to that the process of decomposition of fermentation is this organic
  • 05:11: went faster because in the ground especially if this compost is very useful and now when we we will mix this green mass of land with and chop off that is, the smaller will be chopped the mass the faster all will pass I moisturize these processes if you already have green fertilizer at this point you can pour green fertilizer and now it's about 10 centimeters 10
  • 05:45: I sprinkle a hole with stuffed greens too well rotted compost here it is possible if you want to add biohumus or good overgrown with humus since I am manure and humus not I use it on my case is always compost service and preferably do not less than ten centimeters in order to
  • 06:18: roots did not receive a burn from that mass green it will be warmed up she will produce a lot of heat and nitrogen and here that there was no burn of young roots of the earth should not be less than ten centimeters but also too much layer can not be done Because then the effect should not will not only be allocated heat but also will be allocated carbon dioxide namely, it is mainly and feeds our plants so the layer
  • 06:48: we make about 10 centimeters also watering and now I'm renting a self-rolling plant here pay attention to the root there are a lot of constant disputes goes that the roots are damaged that the cucumber does not tolerate transplantation on his own many years of experience I have repeatedly I was convinced that he is beautiful suffers a transplant not only what now
  • 07:19: I will deepen somewhere not reaching centimeter to the cotyledon leaves and this whole stalk shortly overgrown roots and this will give additional roots the additional power of the plant is now in this wet mass I immerse the plant nedosypayu
  • 07:53: soil on top and I will not water that is it will be like a mulching layer and cucumbers you can not water even if it's hot in the greenhouse a few days so they are fine take root and begin to give additional sticks you probably ask why I left such a deep hole because it 's still an early landing then It is very easy to cover such a hole
  • 08:23: turns out to be a kind of micro kid you can just throw on top of the film or covering material and cucumber will be it's great to grow but calmly two weeks under this shelter and I will not be scary nor the heat, that is, you can cover the cover material from the sun and also if even it will be cold can be done in the case of frosts night double shelter with cover material and on top put the film plus I already told you in my past video when the cucumber grows up and I delete
  • 08:54: Lower leaves as the cucumber grows and The stalk is then this earth or compost brought I'm finishing stem and it turns out that in the end the end season of the hole as such, no, but plant has a more powerful root system and this gives additional yields it's also very convenient to cover cucumbers here such cut off 5 liter bottles in hot weather, the lid can not be
  • 09:24: closed in cool weather muzzle screw the lid that is a kind of such a micro mini darling which is very convenient and the final touch which of course do not necessarily have to be done I try to do it, I mulch all space between cucumbers now it can be done hay last year's mulch on my site is and see grown siderates but I believe that all
  • 09:54: this is not enough, therefore, in summer we use chamfered grass as our site and outside of In the spring, you can get the best macho on fields in the meadows our country is large and wish you can always find this A valuable material that is for me by weight Gold and me is replaced by manure and always to this organic attitude is very respectful and the more it's for me, the better it is The mulch protects the soil from
  • 10:27: severe overheating and from drying out and even from some cooling it too protect and of course less will be propolok And this is also for us truck farmers very It is also important to feed microorganisms of worms and literally After a week or two, lifting up the attacking mulch you will see a huge number of worms and worms are known to increase fertility our soil I hope my today's the video you liked came in handy be sure to use this reliable
  • 10:58: proven effective yield way of planting cucumber if you liked my video today then do not forget to put like and subscribe to my channel yielding garden and with you as always was Tatiana I wish you all a good mood friendly sprouts excellent harvests and all to new meetings