▬► Romantic collection. Wattled candlesticks. Part 1.

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  • 00:00: a Hello today plaid candlesticks I would like name the master class create romantic mood began with the fact that not asked to weave white candlestick for wedding photo shoot
  • 00:30: and it had to be its approximately Here's what I've woven to me it seemed to me very such an interesting form respectively the topic deepened deepened and this deepening fell into such experiments which I want today with you share what the conclusions I made pretty these candlesticks that I liked that seemed better than with all such features weave
  • 01:00: candlesticks well first for candlesticks I think Firstly safety is important so each of them in my glass container and this is a jar different jars I tried to pick up and high such here as far as it's possible The low most low here it turned out baby such a meaning in what set afresh inconveniently in
  • 01:31: such a jar of candles first light a then like this neatly and and omit that is, than below the form is obtained the more convenient it is make in low you can even there put on the spot candle and first I used all jars that were at my place but then already wanted experiment on other forms so the cups bought the most such broad two identical
  • 02:02: wide cups and little bit more like this if you get it already well- flavored they are good so they sat in the middle of the well here is a glass a little bit and even lures bought tried on croissants before you start weave a candlestick here I suggest immediately determine what you need either diffused light with
  • 02:33: bizarre with bizarre some patterns or need more light if that's when we tried all these candlesticks work then here is dating me more I liked everything here this candlestick he a little light gives but looks very spectacularly right here as you see the light is not very much will penetrate lattice patterns interesting is visible interesting pattern is zigzag he is with us Nastya classes can use that master class with
  • 03:03: weave candlestick if need more light then I suggest here such or such here latticed weave light the base dense up tight but he himself is as if in what meaning of the candlestick before colors are like this weave or Lattice or such Here's the wondrous thing to say they give the interlacing Of course there is more light so today I propose
  • 03:33: focus on stop or rather 2 of these behold candlesticks will be their I still wanted to weave to say about before you start such tubules use here of course you need tubules are thin and soft ordinary standard did not come because it's rude the product itself little needed thin tubes and such a narrow tinny spoke
  • 04:03: paper here I used but not very common with us shift sheets metal is like this used to be called cigarette paper approximately such but since to me needed it white white paper I was only so then I used this paper in such here thin tubes He clocked out of it I will not say very convenient from newsprint much easier and more interesting
  • 04:35: weaving is obtained but since the problem was exactly white tubules then poured out still wanted to say about pens I tried different pens on some candlesticks the quality of the handle is use here flower petals here such as small pebble or did used more such carabiners small it is clear that handles for
  • 05:05: candlesticks are needed those who would not were above the fire directly so they should be either like this that's not so much removable how many flowing and here those who do not hamper fire because more once again safety before Total here we have a glass here a candle there on the handles on the side still tidbit is hidden so it will be harder this handle is he how to weave leads experiment became Here is such a chain
  • 05:35: such a flexible pen in principle the fire here is small It could be hang if a little make a big pen in any case for carrying on quite I'll show you how weave such a pen 1 candlestick will be that's what it is for beginners and I will show you how is it weave is performed quickly and it's just me common lure
  • 06:06: round bottom to krill I hugged shape example and so it came to places where I want to perform such a lattice pattern what I do first first I tubule I make soft compliant Simanovich and then weave pairwise I will remove pairs tubules right
  • 06:36: superimpose on the left and while fixing food bundle further because we see perry tatter next couple I take right to left and under the next utretsa fix pin again right
  • 07:06: 0 and under the following recorded clothespin So continue to the left of the next and recorded went to the end of the series is obtained by left here next recorded
  • 07:36: align, see here weaving how much but need weave we determine ourselves you can follow the one interweaving by mowing our standing that is if we just a little bit of them tilt assistance we can get get one more weave look right at left under the following and but the following can yet what, properly speaking
  • 08:06: I made so we look to the left here and now fell that is due to that we are stronger cant stand us can be performed Another series of I did the weaving and So i.e regulation one
  • 08:36: series can crossroads leave it to me it seems so it will be more decorative you can immediately it for one time make me so our task to the last interlacing that we performed it was here slightly below the extreme products because edge we need more twist fastening our stoechka times here so finish
  • 09:07: regulate try to same time to summer we will and that only each clothespin muscle muscles so here farm introduction next stage is the fixation riding on tradition consolidation of our old people
  • 09:37: regular rope the tube is normal rope gradually freed up you are there glasses I try on one level of echo of products in that after the second third row here with weaving can silently pull up
  • 10:07: current as
  • 10:39: second should will be much easier in in general it is not strong fearfully the last particular when weaving 2 3 rows I I try to pull up tubules
  • 11:09: Pattern Night was even here yet still not small ease of weaving in the fact that the I have different sheets here papers that I have was not difficult cut completely identical strips so the strips were different respectively tubules of different thickness and stiffness respectively so well adapts nevertheless they well tighten
  • 11:39: do not rush into this and plus here and in general add the last series I try to when weaving candlesticks paper did not go for glass that is height of the form is height netting In most cases so I'll add here the principle length tubules It allows me perform a small
  • 12:09: it's easy to bend caustic's Well in mostly I cut off dug and glue and cut me it seems here the bend of dishes superfluous tried or tasted from for a girl that's without bends it seems to me that here start over naturally looks without and flexible about the same to you choose how best and so that's it to the end we are dripping adhesive
  • 12:41: each at the end each little old man and then in the floor dry condition in the floor dry the crop under the root of learning our birds