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Tubules with a cord. Azhura on covers for wattled caskets. Master class, part 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear masters lovers of weaving from newspapers and glad to welcome especially those who interested here such openwork lids on Today at I'm the only one one house which else but so to speak from parent socket as you can see pretty volume is obtained as lint takes some
  • 00:30: place cover by the way really liked such a bottom do because you do not I like to paste cardboard why the cardboard bottom because weave any size and any configuration it is rather difficult for I thought I therefore did not become special
  • 01:00: bother about woven bottom simply made his cardboard when ready the drawing was ready I just made it up contour gave some allowance in order to weave fringing made a basket a then already on it rather a casket below dop flying cover and so much there were
  • 01:32: about how twist straw on a string or say that I generally worried exactly the question to answer therefore a huge thanks to those who spodvig me on this feat film a video master class well I'll try in the first place I before proposed screw our well
  • 02:03: such a brilliant idea came to my mind of course very I was glad that it it was possible and generally honestly not I think it's it is possible that before this I am a cord inserted inside tubules but because I make a cord like this reliable is all the same not stable very difficult to visit in a tube so I decided that you can
  • 02:33: try out I wind it I wind straight here so on the ruler you see end fix and straight usually we disconnect from hair dryer this way here
  • 03:07: I melted it girls say who did what you can hot water dishonest sorry for the line but just and then I think the science that a hairdryer is easier Well, no matter how you do it make it just be some result found I like twist the first is Easier Faster Easier Well, that's how you are on the
  • 03:39: my eyes caught on economic store twine paper to me it seemed that it was possible try it on him wind up at night I'll say in advance that in this casket which I before you showed me tubules screwed for twine on twine also in general it turned out pretty really make more to deepen it easier
  • 04:10: and you can twist twist is more difficult but make figures out of it easier because he to file Libya, he did not so elastic it is softer and yet that is important when it swells inside the tube in In general, we like hand because the very our main task fill space inside because of what the tubes
  • 04:41: us inside at turn due to what's inside is emptiness which as would not give a straw so smoothly bend and begins to change inwards if we do this space fill with us it turns out that tubules nowhere she will be afraid smoothly bend the more hydrated mean catching up then I passed a little I'll tell you later
  • 05:12: but about the twine since a larger attention attracted yourself some people I was told that this generally speaking It is impossible but between twisted the beginnings Possible one time the man was able to do this is possible principle I did this here adaptation with someone will like it took a regular beam drilled holes there scored chopiki and
  • 05:43: now I can do different things the size of winding shorter there on longer can that you can wind it up twine generally I did of course not for about this, I am I liked the technique knitting on rakes The rake was not found and so here's the made a then here's another for these purposes when daughter we move on to business means before that I
  • 06:14: twine wound respected gave him forward to the slice try wind but it is important that the tip was flat included a on the usual
  • 06:47: newspaper paper is not get it by them happened printing to me refused to say that we can not sell While newspapers is sufficient means bandwidth 10 cm we take while most important to begin
  • 07:25: since it started if you started already there loosely adheres the cord is farther all it will be lament the most important thing to fix and so usually nail and straight tightly pressed to the table is badly needed even to the press same as the complexity of it not round such
  • 07:56: faceted here is the most main start twist and pretty tightly needed twist your fingers more then raise its here is simpler just pulling out will be directly dense I press stretched out under the arms Now we glue the tip for those who put records for
  • 08:26: twisting tubules at once warning it not not fast tube at we are pretty fairly even it turns out we are thin principle is thin to us even the blue ones are needed because of the thick tubes more expressive such I get a pattern here I even think, as it were, not 4
  • 08:57: maybe a five pieces to do but matter in that I'm up to this I always paint them and calculate how much y the trumpeter must be me will sometimes it turns out already transcendental amount means and the pattern we postpone as you can see on all around these drawings are addressed to literally every a shred of which is not fall into the hands of everyone me wilson and you patterns therefore
  • 09:29: in advance I'll draw a look what there should be component parts here let's say I have means two drops here they are two drops Here comes from here so a drop and such are behold twisted individual details of the landscape as call me there have been identified pins but it's like would not they because
  • 10:00: here a little bit differently at the top came the tubules They were the pins are turned still here but also the central tubule group was formed here because here it is there were not enough racks for the pattern this somehow later explain why it is a word that I had as initially initially they are in groups all of these tubules and then their as though I move apart unweaving that's why
  • 10:30: such on the Internet well if someone does not like to suggest or some kind of your own in general, in principle all probably well let's have another I'll show you how to twist tube on the cord how did I seal now you want this will you slip through
  • 11:00: how much is very good while they sound less Well of course elastic spinning at times it's easier just when
  • 11:31: turns such do it again I'll show the box when Here these here here such especially strongly bent fragments do of course with cord and, moreover, with as suggested from the line I her I tried too but it's just life turn and almost it is impossible well if some more such smoother
  • 12:01: figures probably fishing line and the cords are good but also most here is the most main start this end is simpler because the round along the entire length control because that soft it is not sleeps where they are I like harder than well here's a little bit more so I
  • 12:35: share one secret first now of course me so it's better it turns out first I did it so can for those who only begins probably can be this is good advice or first take a spoke in her twisting how would we give such a curl
  • 13:05: here and now especially so I will not try just give paper direction then this spoke tidy but eat ear plugs but now will be closed twist easier the paper tore paper direction
  • 13:50: at home broke main place paper I 'll do it again that's what it means hurry like hurry and try time thoroughly do everything as soon as hurry up now we have
  • 14:28: like a little paper nothing is twirled easier but even now
  • 15:07: separately I will say about glue but you heard that they are unstuck tubes for painting I'm painting, I'm painting generally in hot water I have a dry stain I her times behind there is a recipe by in hot water at for planting so straight practically in boiling water maybe that's why here I have twine and swelling inside because that I am hotter than hot water and glue I
  • 15:38: I use this moment carpenter such a jar already long enough for her there is, therefore , such wife is ancient and Here such glue still I can recommend super pva or strip on also very good The glue can be almost immediately glue the tubes and at once
  • 16:08: decorate not untwist anything literally none a tube untwisted I do not I know I tried and some pencils only the bought but while I'm here this one did not buy from me I had some problems Thanks a lot, everyone for what you listened to for the fact that are interested in shaped openwork lids like here alone the girl wrote to me lids are not chassis
  • 16:38: piece in caskets not present casket without a lid therefore I think that this day part undercarriage let's try them somehow can diversify be not so much do on the flowers ribbons because textile all the same with time and dust accumulates generally unsightly appearance will be in a that time but yours
  • 17:08: today spraying the front view of such beautiful in a year all this did not dim will go out will collect all the dirt dust and all this somewhere at a factory in azhure thing almost eternal all good luck in creativity to me was very nice with you chat around kindly hope that with time I will still several lessons on topic how to twist
  • 17:41: what to consolidate as fold the pattern if you it's interesting to write in the comments we will chat goodbye All the best