Bast the Hook from Jute. EKO the Gift with Pilling Effect

Bast the Hook from Jute. EKO the Gift with Pilling Effect  See details »

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  • 00:00: all the good day and good mood with you wonder channel transactions I'm nataliah according to your numerous I ask prepared a lesson as link this environmental sponge from jute for soul of her who used to know amazing peeling effect but consider please immediately soap with soap is not very good and very well foams because the natural material but shower gels or foam perfectly sumptuously it turns out I'm you burch and and show
  • 00:30: this is the reverse side I decided to tie it up monolithic the area still was so smooth it outside country the neck is enough wide sleeves wet states in she enters wonderfully and her tail and for suspension now we are with we'll see it all analyze lessons easy let's start linking bast we with you will be from jute lesson 29 how to choose quality jet can be
  • 01:00: see and we use it will be in two colors in its natural form and plus it is still necessary small hanks Bleached jute as whiten jolt lesson 13 you can see knit will be in one thread hook number four I scored chain of 25 air loops further we make a crochet on hook and count from the hook 5 loops on do not count the hook 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 we sew
  • 01:30: column with one накидом further we knit to the very end do the same thing air loop on the hook retreated one loop and knit column with one on the cake again air loop on the hook retreated one and tied again column with one so we knit to the end of the chain i tied in central white row and now I will knit
  • 02:00: appreciate the ordinary jute color or annexed tails necessary will hide made 3 loops lifting and the next row we are with you knit one-piece we bind between posts and top the very column alternating between the columns as gift and the top of the this is the top of the column column so we are with you we reach the end as abc one
  • 02:30: turn now I you I'll show you row of columns with one-piece tied the final white post and mine as you can see right here on the side is this rotary knob five air loops which we are with you were left as us all the same gauntlets and the hand should not be straightened out and under this arch is laid with 10 columns with one-piece and the turn will be good and give us necessary width and freedom
  • 03:00: 3 well and so on all 10 we are stack the gift I tied the 10 columns and upper part row will knit just like bottom one bar top of column of the previous row 1 between them a gift thus from above exactly the same continuous band the usual jute color so on connecting up to
  • 03:31: the very end I docked the jute series until the end and again introduced white thread made three lifting loops a now see you are welcome attentively on hook into the next the post we we tie a post with one crochet but not weigh only his half spend hook through the first 2 loop and leave on hook two loops we make an outfit on hook and on counting out 1 skip and the next we introduce hook and again
  • 04:01: we bind only half on the hook already three loops do nakid and again let's skip one column and through one again we sew only half and Now in a single four loops we bind and connect after doing this 3 air hinges hooked first we start the
  • 04:31: to tie a post where did our white in the same way we bind only half do the CAPITAL we retreat 1 and through one we tie yet half of the crochet on hook and again through one still half now through all four at a time recorded 3 air loops and we bind
  • 05:01: the next bundle of cusp on the hook here is by freshly white tied in the same the very column half of the crochet on hook 1 retreated the next half tied a cap over hook one retreated the following were tied up half fixed and again made 3 air loops so we knit up turn on turn a little different now
  • 05:31: I 'll show I got to turn and turn on we'll tie you up like this so that we do not pull off cape enter where just run it white exactly the same half cape but nothing is do not back down but straight the following we bind half of the crochet on hook and again the next half that is, when turning on our post we sew each the previous number of dereal thread in each
  • 06:01: the previous series to avoid buggy bend and exactly 3 air hinges on the hook here also where just tied up white first half-round on hook into the next without a pass half- round on hook into the next on order 3 half column and all four simultaneously recorded made 3 air loops so we bypass our whole turn in
  • 06:32: I 'll show you just how does a turn everything lies with us well done three air loops and remember that verification we are a little bit in another way we knit cape the first post there where the only to have tied with white half-round on hook and retreated again we knit through 1 post to half tied a cloak over hook missed and We knit through 1 bar connected all four simultaneously
  • 07:03: recorded 3 air loops and so knit to the very end the white series is tied up The next series in our country again natural colors jute will be knit I introduced them made 3 lifting loops and knitting but in this way we will whole row knit with one cape then at the top here this beam we we sew 1 bar and the gift because the arch 3 post stamping this way here 1 2 3 next we go
  • 07:33: top of the summit with us it is only one bar and again gift to the 3131 so we will knit here until then Until it passes cornering I will show that it is good bypass the turn on 1 2 3 4 4 rotary orcs we will be with you pledge 1 2 3 4 column for one
  • 08:05: arch then I tied post itself white bundle again swing arch here we come with you 4 column 1 2 3 and 4 and here and in the top central white part here it is just in the center We got we will tie not one but three otherwise we have a column do not decompose 1 2
  • 08:35: but also all actually then we knit so here here 4 here one here 4 here1 and further 313 131 here already everything is clear knitting so to the very end and final row I added a bandage still around the circle conventional bars with one cloak evenly for the hand
  • 09:05: well located its nested form all and wider condition to the hand without obstacles our you mitten mean knit one bar in one the previous series and this circle is this bypassed so give on a single and double bar binary double single but we are with you also all know and the answer to the back Theoretical tie in the same way as the front part I decided to tie her up somewhat differently
  • 09:35: because it still lies on palms and it would be good such a monolithic the area we had for peeling effect therefore means quick I was told typed a chain of 20 1 air loop and she tied 21 stitches with one outfit more made 3 loops rise and start knit in reverse direction and here extremely strong used to laid other posts third row i knit white
  • 10:06: the final two knitted again with jute color who does not know you can see how the semicircle is oval carpets it lesson 6 everything is detailed there told we are with you before we proceed to the final docking our two elements please do not forget to do heat treatment of our the details will become soft and complacent and take off it will be convenient to work and then well use after heat treatment i proceeded to connection of two
  • 10:36: details are front party and this also front and postponed two parts and signs to each other the inside of me inside in the mittens and became tie posts without a roundabout groin along the way tying crown as is done pattern I showed in lesson b you can see when i got it again here before this end I I do not break the thread I'll start tying the cuff
  • 11:06: our mittens I will tie myself straight covering in circular movement and the first row I will do columns without crochet make two air loops and straight under the bars our here by you bars with one sc stacked begin bend without a crochet 1 row here so short ran for two about a bar here you can make conversation the main thing is tight and it is desirable that he
  • 11:36: tanir switched on that she should go with us you in a straight line here in this way circle knitting first row in the second row fulfilled the ordinary shaving which we have already we know air loop column with one but not follow-through one again air loop and again stepping back one the following we tie a post with one crochet and with you in carpets it is already did it for you
  • 12:06: It is also familiar I sew in a circle and the most extreme final row conventional posts without накида 1 us we sew a gift the following bound mediation of a column and so on in a circle finishing the strapping top and final the moment I wove myself plain pigtail jute from jute nodule two ponytails and behind exactly the same tied a knot made a loop for hanging our mittens to dry on the hook
  • 12:36: subscribe to channel wonder squirrel with you were me natalya all bye