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  • 00:00: [music] Hello this project and other kitchen with you I valery today will Italian cooking sauce for pizza we I need sex kilo of tomatoes bulb small island pepper 2 and 3 spoons canteens vegetable oil teaspoon sugar dried Italian fresh herbs thyme salt 3 garlic cloves onion cut into cubes I have enough
  • 00:32: I large onion I decided to use Only half if you chive less use whole garlic, too grind fine Dice is not my through the press and the chop and so that's a piece of hot peppers, I also finely chopped you you can vary acuteness using any the number of acute pepper can take whole or hook can than half if something buy more
  • 01:00: use of visual pepper with seeds and partitions part of the tomato exempt from seeds and climb the second part will but twist hood Pour into the pan oil and add garlic fry fast enough Garlic likes so the burnt carefully here as
  • 01:31: add the onion and We fry it up light golden add pepper and some fresh thyme beautiful and the mixture was dried spices Italian If you like basil can be add basil here if you are over like parsley add parsley not Italian herbs should not be present because they
  • 02:00: added it is such a peculiar taste lightly fry literally just sex minute and add sliced lipsticks and if you want a sauce roll for the winter is You need to be removed skins I did not become here clean because it's for literally utilization today or tomorrow stew five minutes to strong enough fire fill scrolled tomatoes
  • 02:30: boil 35 minutes, add salt and sugar at this stage try because tomato at all different and more there are more sweet acidic so you need We will now try if you will be I do not roll I recommend add vinegar, tomatoes and so well stand for there's nothing here such that one can something or explode will do just greater volume and
  • 03:00: be gone at least spend forty minutes and everything will be fine I stand and boil moment I clean cost dry ready If you are cooking on azimuth course salt and add Sugar is necessary in the end because the sauce Uvarov and he can it will be much more concentrated on taste kindly add salt or add sugar then will or jam or He moved on to friends this amount products will be me Now with such a jar and
  • 03:30: still a little bit here this Foot and now store it in the refrigerator and But the house is not just in the exactly a week although I think we will eat Cancers that quickly how it happened tasty friends the perfect combination green onion garlic how well I did not crumbled whole onions it turned out shelves I would have onion sauce highly recommend cook this superbly recipe all the best of all
  • 04:03: cool only that had still I would clean the kitchen remove it but to do things prescription as Put all friends subscribe to our Channel place husky click on the way there bell and such will be the first one I received here who will receive alerts about our new video everything with you, I was Valeria yet