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  • 00:00: hello friends with you Nastya Grebennikov and this is my feed on youtube today I want to show you an album that I did the bidding art pattern but the point is not even that much for a long time you asked me to do master class on how to make a big album from small paper format 15 on 15 centimeters in one of the last video with unpacking you voted for that it will be a boy album but In general, you can create the same album and for the girl and not even necessarily if such an album is not for children
  • 00:30: As an example, I have an album for boy who are called my big happiness album in 4 reversal accommodates yourself at least 30 photos if you try, you can fit and more look it inside here I showed really creative approach, he and for I created this album myself using watercolor or black gel pen and I will tell you all this in master class well by the way it's quite not necessary and without drawing backgrounds, such an album will look very cool
  • 01:00: the album is light and airy at the same time incredibly a substitute here is enough a large number of incredibly cute heroes I especially like this girl and mishutka from the previous turn look at what kind of ice cream you really want summer I really want to eat ice cream Here's an album I got already on Wednesday on my channel will be released detailed master class how to create such a
  • 01:31: I'd love to take a look at the album. your work and now I'm working on that that I am collecting a set to create such a albumist in the near future he told me there will be three sets here such here malchukovye exactly like my video for girl my baby and another space set he is certainly a big eyeglass theme In my opinion, it is perfect for some naughty little girl that's here so cute fools with such fluffy cilia in some of my of them even associate with girls
  • 02:03: The sets are still at the assembly stage but already now they can be booked the cost of such a set will be 990 rubles It will go absolutely everything for the binding of a cover fabric under photos already about draco linna decor cutting everything out all I used in Create your album you will remain add only glue this is very convenient for those who do not have a huge a variety of materials and not so easily choose the right one to create harmonious work is very convenient for those who do not have a professional
  • 02:33: tools all of their preparations I sliced ​​in professional language resorted to Alan boards for creasing and they definitely one hundred percent will be super even agree that manually this is not so easy to do on again it will be cool for those who love the creative process and he does not like the whole routine you will only have to open the box and start collecting the constructor is designer because my album It is created so in reaction it will be very and more with each album will
  • 03:03: unique you will see in the master class I I will show already fully assembled sets to create albums , you can now book any verse sets that Do you see if the booking is written to me in a personal and one more thing if you do not want to children's set for my master class Also you can write to me and we will think up what can you do with you something forgot to tell my album 4 If you suddenly want more for example 6 write to me about this person and for a fee in
  • 03:33: the amount of 200 rubles your construct I will increase by 2 reversal if you plan to do an album for six spreads to create album from birth to year too, this will not write, I will add you set here are such cards for girls and here are such cards for the boy in my look will look simple bomby but this is all my dear friends I'm very glad that you are with me before New meetings on my channel until