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Easy cheesecake Without Pastries the Zebra!  Simple and incredibly tasty!  See details »

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  • 00:00: today we will prepare a cake without baking zebra cake is prepared simply and it turns out very beautiful and delicious it's excellent version of the cake as on a festive table and for home tea drinking first, soak gelatin 30 grams of gelatin pour out the iron bowl and here pour 100 milliliters of water Gelatin with water is well mixed and leave to swell by about 15-20 minutes while gelatin swells up
  • 00:30: the basis for a cake is 200 grams of sand We break the cookies into small pieces and put all the cookies in the chopper crushed into small crumbs 150 grams butter is shifted in steak and melt on a small fire melted butter pour out crushed at the liver all mixed until a homogeneous mixture of form
  • 01:00: for baking we cover with parchment paper diameter of my form 20 centimeters to the bottom shape of the projection prepared crumb for the substrate uniform and distribute along the bottom and spoon a little mold pine for the cake put in the refrigerator prepare curd cream 400 grams cottage cheese we pour out the chopper here we add 200 grams of sugar and 400
  • 01:31: gram of sour cream curd mass is crushed to homogeneous state if there is no chopper then the cottage cheese can be grind submersible blender now prepare the chocolate mixture we take 100 grams of chocolate and add to it 80 milliliters cream in fat content 10 percent, I melt the chocolate and microwave pulsed for 10 seconds every time the chocolate is stirred
  • 02:02: overheat its temperature should be about 40 degrees stir until chocolate the mass will become completely homogeneous gelatin by this time already swelled up melt it on a small fire constantly mixing as soon as all the gelatin has melted remove it from the heat melted gelatin pour the crushed curd mixture and stir well the cooked cream we divide into two approximately the same
  • 02:35: part one part will remain white and in the second we add the melted chocolate with cream and good we mix we get already cooled sand base from the refrigerator and pour out on it a prepared curd a lot of alternating color while she does not will end as the chocolate mass it turned out more then and we pour out 6 tablespoons and white for 5 tablespoons a lot of weight pour out
  • 03:06: very neat and clearly in the center of the form when the whole curd mass was poured into a mold on top of a toothpick gently make a pattern for this we draw a toothpick from the edge cake to the center every time and wiping prepared cake we set to freeze in fridge for about 4 hours cake frozen we get it from the mold in order so that it came out of form a little warm up the tank with a dryer neatly open the baking dish and
  • 03:36: pull out cake cake turned out beautiful in a cut with a delicate curd soufflé and tasty sand base to cook this cake will have no difficulty and the result is always amazing delicious and beautiful if you liked such a cake without baking zebra be sure to sign the light I am preparing houses for my channel and also subscribe to my page in the links in the description under the video with you was an oxana pashko cook deliciously cook with pleasure