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Blue dress hook. Part No. 3

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  • 00:00: I got to the waist in a circle and I it turned out 22 centimeters here at me armhole let's count the number I get my ranks again times two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 times in total I tied 36 rows
  • 00:30: But here everything can be individually here there may be more depends on how you knit and of course from your growth we are with you we made the calculation of the back, we typed 40 centimeters and knit at the transfer 38 then we added at the armhole of 6 centimeters back and also I have to transfer to 6 centimeters added and in total I should have a backrest 52 and before 52 but in the process of knitting the canvas she
  • 01:00: narrowed, that is, our pattern is narrowed but Again, I repeat myself in the last part said that it stretches very well canvas, so it's okay if u you get already The most important thing you measure and look at How do you and I look like you ? tied up from the armhole to the waist line more our canvas should expand the skirt it turns out there is a half-sun If you do not want a skirt with an extension you can simply expand to the line
  • 01:33: hips and then just knit straight I knit all the crochet number three that is, I did not get into the canvas straight narrowing around the waist so I still I will fasten 46 centimeters the same crochet if you took a hook in half the size more so that the canvas in the area waist narrowed means you knit it crochet somewhere else then two centimeters then Change the hook by half the size and associate 24 centimeters further we will be with you
  • 02:03: increase our pattern in our pattern there is a chain of 3 air loops the next row is obtained under two We will bind the air loops from the line waist 46 centimeters I will repeat and then We will expand our scheme I drew already the first row of our scheme that is, I repeat, we knit on the old scheme of another 46 centimeters later we increase that is here already a chain
  • 02:34: comes from 4 air loops and in the next row, you get two bars with a crochet Air loop 2 column with crochet and here there is a chain of 3 air loops now I will draw this series completely we get we increase by one air loop that is, here it is 3 2 2 here it turns out 4 3 3
  • 03:06: We knit by this scheme 4 rows of that pattern repeat two times then the scheme we have again Increases again, I repeat here all individually I will bind 4 rows maybe you want to tie 6 rows just measure this dress and see how you like more after we we repeat to this scheme we will scheme increase now I'll draw the first row
  • 03:36: increase by one more air loop and here we have 5 air here I will draw 5 here 5 now next row the previous scheme we had three
  • 04:07: We also increase the air loops here for 1 you get 4 air loops and that we get here we first we sew on this scheme the necessary number of rows then increase by one air loop and knit for this scheme if you want a straight dress you just over this one scheme, knit to the desired length I repeat this scheme 24 times while I I do not know how many times I will Try and look and then again I will
  • 04:37: increase now I'll draw you these chains are increased by one an air loop and is obtained by 6 air loops in the next row now i will draw we, too, these air chains increase by one here was 4 means here you get 5 air loops
  • 05:07: You can knit in this scheme up to bottom but if you want your dress You can expand even more tie 4 6 centimeters and increase scheme for another air loop then there are six instead of six tying up to 7 air loops there instead of 5 fasten 6 air loops each as you can see the simple scheme we just everytime we increase by one air loop the the most extensible part of the dress self-tie the bottom
  • 05:39: dresses of the necessary length