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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and truck farmers glad to welcome you on channel business garden today we will talk about pruning pears this is probably a tree such as is each gardener and everyone tries it plant pear it is planted more difficult apple trees is also accepted heavier well, and in the winter it it freezes to freeze more often than apple trees
  • 00:33: so pears need treat with great attention and try and and grow that all the same fruit very tasty here at me a pear here four varieties here 4 bitch and four different one variety of Chizhevsky 2 that looks like a pear but I I do not know, I took from friends about same difference maturing somewhere in the a week may be
  • 01:04: 10 days at the end of July early August alone branch then in the middle August the second branch then at the end of August third branch and up to September 4 these two branches look like conference for some reason it turned out that one here is a branch ripens days on ten earlier by 15 a the second hangs later right up to the most frost already shoot already with the snow and lies almost to the new
  • 01:34: year is very convenient for one trunk or on one tree there are four variety or eat combining all summer here they are here grafted from 1 female inoculation here here in this place second vaccine soup here in this place 3 females here is an inoculation the fourth is straight Here it is direct here here they like that almost identical before that I was shooting
  • 02:06: showed what she thick and look what was the harvest is even last year's film you can see there multiple frames what was the harvest on this toy ears see two females two varieties and here is the third bent over to approach closer later pear quite Well, I'm hurt and
  • 02:46: I think enough and let's we will cut you a small toy for budding gardeners who has a small one grow and how to begin to form I have this crown here type of conference branch thin very sprawling believe here but again strongly many branches they can not be done before admit means that should be done in first of all you like
  • 03:16: usually we cut out all what's inside and all that intersects so we cut this branch grows in inside of my delete so is it also like would not need inside this is also not necessary so that's a little everything so that here they cut off
  • 03:49: removed this is the bottom branch it will be To interfere even if on it will be pears here we leave about like this if it's okay four branches here can be cut off she still then wither as approximately left so but you can even this one Cut the branch but I did it now it is not I'll be here this thread here this one can be like this
  • 04:20: that's how to cut off and you will be fine pear stretch here one hand somehow it seems a pity yes let's get better at this we cut it down grew in that direction and let it grow up but immediately to her we cut the vertex so that it does not stretch up to us so that the tree was such sprawling on cut into one third of the crown here is the same
  • 04:50: so in which direction looks like she's here there looks a branch grows so here then cut the trifle this is also not necessary so this is shortened here it is dried up its branch can be quite cut so it we remove here we cut the growth like this Here these are truncated
  • 05:20: let it turn on all this branch grows Inside it is not needed and this is also obtained inwardly delete all that way Here is approximately cut off and here the tips are all Here is such a pear you get well, this pear simple let's harder for it's harder to Ryazan suddenly you grew up that's such a pear you are her
  • 05:51: they planted three years in general on a site not came and suddenly here such have arrived here such an outrage you are growing that with that do well in first these are the branches which grow here see the branch she is trying to become leading branches and but on the one hand and cut or you can but she can not just that you will have symmetry create what you can make a score in
  • 06:21: ground peg and string pull the branch back then she will begin fructify but here what can we do for example, music such probably give a raskoryachku let's let 's say let 's say so we left right as if she had me on the forehead did not play well here's a branch drew it away in the party turned out now look already
  • 06:51: are symmetrical symmetrical pear I I live in Luxor and here did everything parted now you need to trim excess this pear went up central the conductor is very grows well there, look at half a meter to 80 centimeters that gives what should be done really need to get up to the vertex and trim him so that not small
  • 07:21: just about cut central the conductor where here we translate to two branches internal again crop it Here and this and this way will leave and this is leave here we have up should even be so on I wear here in our the top is 3 bitch will disperse side all up she the plant will be these
  • 07:51: we also translate the branches Here we cut off Strongly cut off here these are the annual branches also why not because at next year on these annual branches per annual buds displayed here are kidneys that will flowers color kidneys ie if we we will greatly cut off this year's the gain we do not get harvest for the next year, these branches should
  • 08:21: blossom here it is you cut your own say so extra pears Further here this branch also need to be shortened so this is it will be superfluous generally and remove it like this here here is this soup he very big we have it so we cut a internal too we clean so here here branches went this branch is strong
  • 08:51: great leave it on the kidney cut so here are three branches are some some extra superfluous probably here it's like this here what's next here this place too translates so on something fell there so
  • 09:24: this long branch she wanted to be leadership we we translate for harvest let it gives us pear and we cut off the somewhere right here here is where the kidney somewhere like this so then on next year when it will start to build up let's see if that it will be possible and shorten if it is will be very strong heavy bitches so
  • 09:54: here let 's just like this deploy that it was it is visible and so you see as convenient as in theater so that's this branch it rests against what to do leave the bottom or it's ok to cut me off I think probably everything still let the we trim the bottom branch here is this the middle is cut here
  • 10:24: we leave on a kidney so that we grow it's the same here we will cut off a macula or so or if it strong branch can probably bend over well let her be bye bye small let on fruits and then we cut it like this better cut and what here here here again two branches came together cut these two thin leave here
  • 10:55: this thick and we cut it like this that she left in well, well probably so here annual cleaning vertical top cut it right here we shorten well here here on top of me it seems like this unnecessary here it is necessary remove otherwise it will be like here everybody there but something like this but
  • 11:28: this is a complex tree i I speak as a game in chess but severely cut off also do not usually need as I say so always said than the more you cut it grows larger but a lot increase if strongly crop tree it will start to grow to the detriment of the harvest, that is begin to grow leaves colors and color color buds will
  • 11:58: less well and accordingly this we have nothing to that's why you need look if cut then cut Well, FSUs with the mind really if you need something you need to if it does not, then let better leave it at next year then tranquil surroundings think and I still dimensions before you need to cut first go around a tree to see whether it is worth this can cut off
  • 12:29: be no and maybe cut off another branch prune it creative work put two man is one and the same cut the branch cut in different ways therefore here that as that so well, even on this, let's thank you you for your attention there is a video on pruning apricot is still clip on trimming apple trees and there is still
  • 13:00: trimming roller cherries go in Look, I'm with you. say goodbye to new meetings on the channel of business garden until bye