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  • 00:00: hello with you Tatyana sleeves and I to you I will tell today how senridge on shoulder seam to was just such a as in the model they can be fatter a little bit lace-up or so as in the model it is already at your discretion if I'm junk on pattern show if You will be doing
  • 00:30: a pattern here at us let us assume that you are a little bit lower the cork centimeter by two three and then you have an assembly there will be more a little bit if you do not want such a large assembly do the usual shoulder seam then when you collect on The lace will be the cork is such open and here only you draping now I I'll show you on the sample
  • 01:01: from paper to be it 's clear I did larger backrest shelf here I go shoulder seam on which will pass the line and on for apiaries for lace in order to need to own leave a centimeter two two and a half when you will is pale than that is
  • 01:32: you will spend shoulder seam only after processed throat and armholes only after that you connect the details together back and shelf otstrachivaem ironing seam in different directions here and after that you do after that how to iron and you make a line
  • 02:03: on the edge and back thereby here leave space for cords I'm now you I will show in store on the cloth here I have small blank this is the shoulder seam he stitched ironed and deferred now I took it already
  • 02:34: gunner and from the play we will wear lace at first one side afterwards unfolding at the base of the neck and other side and
  • 03:06: do this very light receiver but impressive it turns out sometime such a shoulder seam was fashionable in my youth so I do not know how this is to prepare here thus you see this is our throat this is a cork on sample if you want to pull more pull together a little more
  • 03:37: if you want more to pull more stretch more more it all depends on the how to write dispose of it like this and then from the side bromine glasses we will do zavyazochku this is how we get what we wanted so zavyazochku you can make it a little longer a little shorter you are from you depends like this
  • 04:07: a blank is made in order to you put the shoulder seam gunner and stayed with us I wish you tie good luck and say goodbye to you to the following I met with you Tatiana with her hands