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The machine for embroidery \"Boomerangs\"\/tambour for embroidery  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to everyone, dear Embroiderers I greet you on our channel and today i want tell you about such a machine for embroidery he is called a boomerang in past our video we represented you machine of the Golden Fleece folding mill krumar
  • 00:30: talked about his shortcomings dignity on this machine if you are interested in you can be found under my video for this video what can I say about machine tool this is clearly from specifically for this embroidery for Victorian charm so we did suitable for size the machine is very liked besides that we are good pulling a kangoo he keeps it himself
  • 01:01: on its own is strong and very beautiful all its details are processed a certain tone of y there are all these here behold wraps round smooth all lacquered itself the machine is beautiful looks like in the interior and embroidery is not even finished and already
  • 01:34: decorates my house thereby machine that I can still understand how to say it unwinds he's like this understand not here such washer washer inside the wooden here such here are the pens here
  • 02:05: embroidery is attached to in general machine tools and then is that I can still say if I'm in further decided Embroider this machine embroidery more wide format then these are the planochnki in principle I can not change I know if I have this
  • 02:37: manufacturer more long bars for such machines Well, I think that such stick can be even buy simply buy to make a milling cutter and used for machine tools this machine boomerang of our Russian
  • 03:07: manufacturer I bought in the store your creative required workshop city but the store is gold again on this machine convenient to embroider as sitting at the table put it on the table and sitting on the couch and placing the machine on knees it is convenient and in volume and in another case and depending on situation or is TV, you know. I sit down in the water for
  • 03:37: desktop with embroidery corner and I embroider there and there and it's good there lack of this machine only in that immediately in the kit did not go longer Planochki for more wide embroidery Well, I think that this I will correct the moment even if I do not you can buy from manufacturer such slats along the length I I will buy them in the usual store building and mine husband
  • 04:07: will cut me the size of the lunches like this here I fasten the circuit it can be in any place attach or below and above from one side of another depending from where I am now embroider what piece I'm embroidering here such a this is the last I say goodbye to you expensive embroiderers if someone
  • 04:37: there were questions about this machine or a sheet of gold fleece which you also can the parcels look ask issues in comments I'm all I will answer all bye