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  • 00:00: openwork pattern with double bars scheme of this pattern I found the doublet log and the scheme in general is not very clear There are certainly very beautiful patterns there knitting but with the shooting falls dismantle on in any case we see that Repeat this pattern 12 loops to show them on 2 reports for this purpose typed a chain out of 25 air loops and this is 2 rapports
  • 00:31: 12 loops 1 loop for pattern symmetry but I'll start knitting this pattern from the second row from the first row as if I did not like the start knit from the second 25 loops notice the last loop I make 5 air loops and here in the last marked a loop with a single crochet
  • 01:01: four air loops she initial I miss 5 loops, but since here there is such an inclination once two three 4 5 our knitting loops table column, without sc four air loops also skip 5 loops 1 2 3 4
  • 01:32: 5 to 6 I see a column with one crochet 3 air loops and a single bar in the same loop four air loops 5 loops skip 1 2 3 4 5 6 column without four air loops here also skip 5 loops but I have this
  • 02:10: will be the last loop here to knit column with a single crochet do the air a loop with a single crochet so here's the first row of 5 doing 5 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 and on the last column without a cape I see
  • 02:43: double bar column with two crochets air loop I enter a hook under the column with two I pull out the thread and put it on once I stretch out the thread and tie it and the third once we pull the thread and we sew it 1 hook again column with 1 round pull out the thread and these 5 loops and I close it in pairs like Tunisian knitting
  • 03:15: 3 air loops and one more such double bar on air loop a column with two crochets air loop and the enthusiasm subsides pull the thread and pull it out tie
  • 03:47: I do this three times I enter the hook under air loop of the previous row pull out the thread and hide all the loops in pairs and now a column with one overstock on columns without a crochet here at me It turned out that half a vera and here on these three air loops
  • 04:19: a fresh whole fan will consist of a point of three double bars with two cape air loop knitting such a double bar 3 times pull out a thread and bind it from under a column with two crochets we translate the hook by the chains close hinges in pairs 3 air loops one more the same double bar network double
  • 04:54: the columns are knitted identically from the chain pull the last loop and close all loops in pairs 3 air loops and another one of the same double bar behold
  • 05:29: 2 3 do not close A column with one crochet on posts without nakida here we have turned out one whole fan and half at the end of the row also knit half a woman, that is, two such double bar on air hinges
  • 06:00: three times pull the thread from under column with two capes this loop pull a thread from under air loops close the hinges in pairs 3 air loops and another double post here three times the thread pulling out knitting
  • 06:32: The food flowed under the air loops and close here are such holes here In this series the following series also in general it goes like preparatory air hinge without a crochet on a double bar four air loops on posts with one
  • 07:02: we use a crochet with a single crochet 3 air loops another 1 bar with one cloak four air hinges without a crochet on the central double pillars four air loops on Columns with one crochet
  • 07:32: 3 hinges and a bar with with 4 air loops and a column with cape at your extreme we have the following columns row already knit full to the little girl not this do 3 air loops and we knit here exactly the same faith as
  • 08:05: we knit in the second row and handles of three double bars through three air loops 3 air hinges are still double that you
  • 08:35: So we close everything like in Tunisian knitting 3 air loops and another double column opened correctly
  • 09:22: and a column with one crochet on posts without a crochet on the next one is prepared arches also knit the same fan of three double columns through the air loop the first column is double
  • 10:01: second double table as of course double Sticks knit longer than usual but they look in my very beautiful unusually such are the pillars of pigtail 3 air loops last double
  • 10:31: column at the end of the row there is a column with one crochet 1 column with one crochet
  • 11:05: nakida here in general, the next series of We will be here approximately the same preparatory of 5 air loops A column with one crochet on posts without cape 4 air hinges column without sc on double bars
  • 11:35: four air hinges with one bar cape on posts without a crochet 3 air loops substances as a single crochet 4 air column without crochet on double columns four air loops here on lifting loops
  • 12:06: also a column with one air cushion loop and a column with a sc in next the whole picture will repeat itself let's show a small sample Here's a sample I got when I tied up a lot of very beautiful openwork pattern is almost the same looks from both sides of 1 facial certainly more interesting here are these double bars they are obtained take
  • 12:36: braid and here such here such here cucumber interesting in general, I liked these are the double bars they look very unusual just like I foresee whether it is possible to tie a shawl such a pattern Well, look how you can convert from the pattern because here's an example if knit from below
  • 13:08: and if you knit from above, too, very well this pattern well, as in general, then Everything lies in a triangle in a triangle what can and here is such a shawl interesting to connect well or band some chalet Well, this is such an openwork pattern with such unusual columns subscribe to my channel in order not to I have many more to miss new lessons
  • 13:38: different ideas knitting tricks with us You have many unmounted patterns of patterns miss all this good luck to you and the lungs petticoat