Aleksey Danilov

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: and [Music] the three years that we come in the game from the Mount [Music] little bit [Music] roses
  • 00:30: we were to scrutinize the sun [Music] in the fourth point today but not creamer [Music] and also very bad marine
  • 01:07: come on Y [Music] Now there are two of them
  • 01:37: good how [Music] do not [Music] or [Music] or to
  • 02:23: good same for this day and because because so much more
  • 03:01: [Music] [Music] Y [Music]
  • 03:36: and not [Music] [Applause] [Music] ah
  • 04:10: [Music] [Music] ah [Music] with him please ah
  • 04:59: [Music] and that [Music] do not ah
  • 05:41: [Music] but there is no invoice the environment [Music]
  • 06:20: [Music] [Music]
  • 06:55: [Music]