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  • 00:00: all big big hello thanks that went to my channel, I'm very glad to see you To see today with my own hands, I will do notebooks and wanted to name then video are you who school but then remembered a fair comment which was the last time that for back to school somehow rejoice or rather late but in general I need such things round year so did not even follow vacation schedule I hope to video you it will come in handy so we will need it ordinary A4 sheets and a5 size cardboard exactly half
  • 00:33: format a4 sheets by the way white I have 6 pieces on the sticker is like this Can firmly come in handy what to pierce holes I use a pin but I better sew good and coco with a good so great the ear is useful to me to stitch because I will use enough thick yarn although thick then of course the notion loose advise you to use it
  • 01:03: triangle they are a ruler but you can manage with a ruler just a triangle will be more convenient first fold our words in half album sheets [music] clip will come in handy so that they do not go anywhere dispersed and now cut now turn off once again in half
  • 01:34: [music] also in half we turn off the cover and [music] now there will be one thing that I Of course, I expected to see here is not accurate because all the sheets one size but since they are fold it turns out that each Well, the higher the shorter, so you need everything
  • 02:04: trim [music] [music] now the edges are even [music] apply a triangle so that 0
  • 02:42: was in the middle that is on the right and left or top and bottom should stay the same amount centimeters [music] and we note firstly the middle seriously here I really miss an awl I just could not find it, she somewhere there is but was not at hand need not
  • 03:13: just pierce this hole, but make it a bit wider to get good then the bow is stitched here and now I'm doing marks on both sides for 3 and a half centimeter [music] [music]
  • 03:54: [music] all needles
  • 04:33: on all sides well passes we can start sewing [music] start outside and from the middle [music] I did not make any knot end of thread because I will leave just a ponytail and then when I ask that I have two the tail will communicate with each other
  • 05:05: quietly there are 10 centimeters you can 6 just leave [music] returned then out and now auto 5 in middle
  • 06:02: it turns out that we left the same place I can get these two strands between to tie yourself up empty [music] Now it remains only to steal it all deal with stickers to sign all knew who owns this book and I can use I hope you come in handy this lesson
  • 06:32: leave comments go to the channel look me more often i with you say goodbye to new meetings so far