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Embroidery. I begin "Дворцовый мост" from the Aries.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, today I'm starting a new set when I wanted to start this one palace bridge from the company you are based on Anne Sokolova's illustration of this setter 28 by 18 centimeters here 16 aida is included in the set but let's see everything in detail with a sealed detail almost the peace of the world as I succeeded to release him I will show you again what
  • 00:31: I will have to get like this watercolor bridge seems very beautiful bright positive and at the same time city ​​landscape as I love and immediately we see here the threads of such same beautiful bright shades so let's make these threads come in set really very beautiful positive
  • 01:01: and I like them very bright colors I love to embroider like this usually when you embroider your mood rises, that is, such a real color therapy is obtained organizer of ordinary cardboard thread are located on it from two sides and they are fixed in this way that is whole hammer they are fixed they need will unleash there and how can it be even cut and bandaged look
  • 01:33: now so here it turns out 24 colors so not so much so much but quite a few Here the production of the punk name Kirov mine and even if I'm not mistaken Yes, so what does the thread of me already pleases further here canvas canvas in this case I do not know what production on the cover is not indicated
  • 02:07: but I do not know all somehow scolded there the old cannon and the company avene well me seems to be such a normal canvas on It in general is quite possible to embroider the only time that I still want to to change this canvas to uniformity simply for the reason that very much is not zash this space and I prefer when so many non- zash space, after all, I have embroidery on Whether uniformity or whether not so
  • 02:38: all I'll take is that there are such fabrics bun is here canvas, although in principle, the canvas is very a good I leave it maybe we do not useful somewhere Straightly cut straight said even ideally cut off without any skew that is If you do not mind if you do not have I think you can embroider it easily and it has enough of this density well
  • 03:09: pleasant, that is, it is not too hard and not friable Well, that's how you see, so I keep it I do not fall, that is, it is hard some has but not too much hard that is, it will be normal feed on somewhere hoop so that but all the same I will change it and here's a scheme color scheme symbolic here I have a lot of interesting because that here some colors are embroidered
  • 03:40: and let's say I see that the color is numbered three this is such here brightly yellow color such and embroidered cross in a day and those cross in one thread semi-cross in 2 strings of semi-cross in one thread that is, here are some colors diversity can be so great somewhere in some colors For example, here is the ninth cross in 2 semicircular threads in one thread ten
  • 04:12: on the contrary, a cross in one thread of a semicircle in 2 threads then you need to be very careful how many threads and a cross or a semicircle embroidered also there are still blends one thread of each color is taken and blends also embroider a cross in mostly cross and here is one half- cross too embroidered online daughter so the scheme is located on two sheets of the format a3 then there are such large enough sheets
  • 04:44: In general, it seems to me that the scheme is convenient and honest saying I was expecting some more mixing shah uterus of some kind Multicolored, but in fact so at first view scheme is quite simple folded like that should be of course the moment the bridges are right here a little more is all mixed up somehow I think it's not critical in general I
  • 05:15: I'm waiting for this design to rise fast enough if I'm not mistaken counting then the size at me turns out 180 for 117 crosses in this case and yes there's a lot more than this Space can not be here especially with this side, that is, this part is here It is not sewn on top a bit a little bit the bottom because there are uneven cut and design and, accordingly, here too, here is a part of the sky it will also be
  • 05:46: looks like there is a backstage here To him here is the information of 5 kinds of backstage 5 colors and it is embroidered as in one so and in 2 threads that is there we are in different ways there are still French knots they probably are a little bit but they are and now in such a framework in a small recommendation by embroidery But here in general this minimum information + washing information and so on
  • 06:16: article set 1003 if someone interesting now I'll go look for that to me there is a substitute for this one here the canvas is nice to here was murano because the sixteenth aide county and murano here as it came up perfectly but I not sure what I eat white murano but the white flax I have in general I went looking for you will see through A moment I'll show you that I'm still
  • 06:46: chose which basis and show you already first crosses well I'm a little bit better than the shaft and seems to be already ripe for to share with you the first impressions and so the palace bridge my embroidery beginning but in general it is not this really started because it came pretty much decently already if we compare with picture then you can see here the bird is in the center of the actual I work and I was gradually beginning to
  • 07:18: her because she was directly in the center of the work center just at it here somewhere under the wings and I embroidered with the original for this bird I thought it was a seagull but they said it was cormorant do not know I'm not very good I understand birds here and after I left this bird I decided to go down all the same because that I am more used to suture from the bottom up and
  • 07:49: so I first went out and this part came out and here these boats are true for them I even the backstage did not do it and then gradually moved to the lower left corner completely he has already embroidered me, that is, he is absolutely ready and started to move up but now I have my own embroidered already a bridge that is static part is almost above then you can say this and now I will
  • 08:19: to move up further I will have building these on the background and actually will embroider this part of the bridge that I can say at this point in the process firstly I replaced the base like me I said I originally planned it change because there are quite a few here not zash of this space and I wanted to all the same embroider it on a uniform this story but the uniform 16 that is thirty
  • 08:49: second white count in my house It was not found and also there was no such I was looking for the murano itself was not found in the vicinity of any stores or I could have it so quickly acquire I did not want to wait, of course, to me I wanted to start right now right now. because I was ready for it for some reason I was sure that I had something there is a stock but in stocks I had flax belfast
  • 09:20: and I decided that in any case on it will not be worse so it took him and I very glad it seems to me for some reason, I originally thought that this story more suitable exactly the same but now when I look I really like the way it looks. at the bottom of all the same he is somehow different in flax gives another mood to work somehow In a different way, does he give a story can it be more subtle or something?
  • 09:50: very glad that it all happened so circumstances that I embroider this plot it's on the bottom that's how it turns out for me closer to you show this part of the left bottom corner I'm pleased with how the work is embroidered quite a substitute for the basics I will not say that I am straight in great delight from not so here strings of the name of Kirov punk I do not particularly like them at all in principle
  • 10:21: and in this case too small of they have a thrill in general that certain advantages they have from me especially not confused almost we are confused, so that is, lie down well enough for some reason it is tactile that these strings are not very they like they are soft but they are some kind of not silky whether that they are very
  • 10:51: bright looking embroidery they are good but that's just buzz before embroidery they I do not feel that is there are threads that I like much more although this is not the worst thread and nothing right so bad I do not say them I can except that here to the touch I do not really I like and still there are such on small threads, not even that thickening some on these nested dolls which
  • 11:22: here you want to remove them not so clean and but I periodically do this when I come across Well, that is, here they are some not so pleasant at work as there are others but at the same time as I said they look very good and it's the same. important because in principle I'm not very fastidious man in terms of not so I I can embroider almost anything by any means therefore, to adapt to these threads also in general, then I have no labor
  • 11:53: so the process goes on embroidered very well and embroidered with pleasure and easy enough I would said embroidered despite the fact that scheme in general is quite a dog trinket and but of course I have had enough a lot of half cross that is here in this the bottom of the water it is embroidered on the floor cross it naturally gives some speed on has already passed by the cross that is, the bridge itself is embroidered
  • 12:25: cross though you know the whole sky here embroidered with a cross so I think that in general the work will not be very long bridge cross stitch see here as long as I understand it background here these buildings are embroidered cross in one thread but the rest will be semi cross that is the process is easy the key itself is a normal key as a key in principle, I'm all happy with it I understand it I see and no difficulties
  • 12:57: connected with the shoulder do not experience the circuit I am from copied and embroidered on the bunk by striking out but to me as it is always more habitual and It is more convenient here to cut off the scheme and You can still have this strip is also in the Generally cut off as you see with this I left the parties to the middle literally 20 with a small cross there is a little more and I will get to
  • 13:28: mid-vertical to mid-point I'll get here, perhaps, and all that I can do to tell you at this time about this I probably will work backstitch but there is not at the very end of the job when probably from above here is this part I hope what is my height the work will come very much to me wanted to and then I will do it right now on this part the backstick will not remain there for a while already
  • 13:58: quite yes yes because I have on the frame is placed here this here is this part here so it is roughly placed, that is, if I her is higher if she totally me height will go there will not remain but somewhere probably a third about as well, that is very I hope that I have this work embroidered Fast prerequisites for this all are in the general pleasure from the process I I get pulled and want to embroider it
  • 14:28: so I hope that the process will be really fast and I hope that in report for the month of May when I will I can show you my processes show something else new still some progress is enough I will be able to Well, for today I'm with by you I bid you good luck all the best for now bye [music]