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Dress without pattern from a blouse from a basic basis with the lowered shoulder of Pouzlovaya processing Part 1  See details »



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  • 00:00: you are reminded on the channel of fashionable practice that we have a video comes out every day we are with you have been modeling this a wonderful blouse first we went through the design baseline with a deflated shoulder without pattern and then we did this complex blouse why I chose this model because Well, she's already such a complicated model a little bit and so little is speaking for himself the There is a difficult model and we are not simple people who dress are not simple This is what I wanted to say to this model but also received a huge
  • 00:31: number of letters and how to select it then how to sew gangs and so on so on But our thought certainly went further and our here is this wonderful blouse which is very good in a blouse has turned like this all the time wonderful dress doing nothing is not only coal or sk here is this lower part of the dress on me dress now I'll go out from the table seem and we will start working with Natasha
  • 01:01: how to remove the cut of a shortlist in several video, we show how to prepare a child how to prepare a collar as duplicate the belt this site is difficult ahead that is, I want not so in words we become a variety of girls let's We will be diverse but in practice so that we they knew different technological issues do it yourself with my own hands on me dress I did not do anything I just This here is a bass point replaced here on this here
  • 01:32: skirt that is, I blamed on 40 centimeters from our first dosochke everything has remained the same is the same folds that were already here ready for me nothing changed I just lengthened and it turned out to be such a dress but to me it seems that very many will like this dress because well, very good good dress is so hard add here pockets in the seams here so pockets in seam we can do everything that's how it looks from the back what is
  • 02:04: cut waist 100 and straight strongly dress reduces because it emphasizes neatly sits and it's very important good cut for smells from our center 13 remember and plus one centimeter on the seam and here 13 means he smells 26 centimeters consider dress because i am now
  • 02:40: and I remove it and we will help and we will show how to duplicate belts how to prepare a selection in this video a little for the next video a little bit that you have representations as here these difficult process units to produce there is an the opinion that the most difficult thing in our it's a cut but I do not agree with it that we do not have an important and secondary cut itself can not exist because if there is no technology like you Soshesh as if you did not know the technology
  • 03:11: if you can not tailor yours technology will not help you a beautiful thing to take somebody else's blood from the storm he will not lie on you technology designing modeling absolutely everything is important the ability to work with cool materials ability to handle in the main to come in good quality stuff there is nothing of minor importance, everything and I I think that we will be with you for now you show under from operation to
  • 03:41: operations Well , of course we will not show it. so you understand how to make a similar thing and as a result, then we'll show you preparing dresses this dress will live out it began as a mock-up fabric but I already think that I really like the poison I'll take it with me to the sea for example, walking with children somewhere I will take it is very comfortable comfortable chic I can not feel it with my arm imagine just a perfect dress and now I change clothes we'll start with natasha
  • 04:12: dresses duplicate do under the tap selection then cut the adhesive material collar in the selection and so on on the sly start working the collar was peeled off after fitting in our two collars two layers while we clean it to the side we return to him now see we understand the meeting and we will be cut out here is such a one-piece selection to the bottom but to cut selection must first be duplicated belts to iron and ready for finished you lie down and will not be sewn yet and already
  • 04:44: ready Here the entire cross-linked at will Cut the selection plus we need Prepare another second belt without glue material that we will all be here cover And you do not need to think anything to you only you need to watch our actions and then repeat shoulders now our task is to save here These defenses should be well swept up They then were not lost again by their low pull our here these belts you
  • 05:17: we cut out the second layer and duplicate it note the wrong side of the wrong side, too. will mark the underside you see like everyone else coincides you tuck and protect our skirts but who has a blouse there at the bottom of this blouse basta I'm very sure that this dress is very
  • 05:55: many will love very confidently because the dress is really chic happened who will make pockets in the seams here centimeter 5 from the waist line approximately starts to enter the pocket we will do now without pockets
  • 06:26: there are already two side seams on the tube passed as though now not about it speech who wants to find the video will look pockets in seams technologically these nodes are really complex so we want to all were dressed so that's it possible immediately we spend the overshot by iso you can immediately duplicate We started as a model but we are already moving away from
  • 07:18: this now we will disassemble I will tell you that we now need to do the first prepare belts for this type of iso which we have in the sewn belts it is necessary to duplicate cool materials and only then as they are ready and ready for them already cut out the second layer of fabric so that all was exactly
  • 07:50: and here open the edge material and go now duplicate the belt I think a lot of these dresses everyone will have a good dress and do not have to cut so especially everyone can make a pattern for themselves
  • 08:21: to simulate from it is interesting and well go duplicate on iron Duplicate the belts of our breeze lousy belts those that are the face of the dress To keep the form well to the trap seams gleamed through me because inside belt
  • 08:52: will be glued without glue material should be duplicated and stop the part when already with it You start to work it should be in perfect condition do not think that she is with us now
  • 09:22: slightly crookedly turned out and when my prishem it will be absolutely no detail must be in an ideal state of natasha folded right-left stops so see yes belt is ready now we duplicate bows very mild cool which is good Keeps shape but does not impart rigidity because the bows need to be very neat duplicate then they will be tough Yes, the movement of an iron should only be
  • 10:23: from top to bottom you can not ride like an iron to and fro and of course give a little bit hold it because otherwise there is no glued stop
  • 11:17: [applause] [applause] duplicate collar stop
  • 11:55: duplicate the collar in front of us are two details of the collar 1 duplicated 1 no put aside we will return to them the belt which is absolutely ready now, you need to cut another one
  • 12:26: layer with a belt and we cut out the camera then I 'll show you how many belts here glued as much will not be glued they are removed to the side of the bow too duplicated ready for stitching look in front of us the top of the dress The lower part of the dress between them will be wrong times here refer to that now we will continue to do in next video to grind all the darts breastplates whether you are lego and chest shoulder seams
  • 12:57: the center of the back is all that sour cream is all about there will be 100 china strings removed by overlock side and center of the back and stitch the side seams in the bottom of the dress and process an overlock who will make pockets here there will be pockets we have without pockets we will show the technology of the whole assembly as it were The technology of pockets is our wife tuba there are two times so at this minute we with you bid farewell, wait for the next video in the next video we will all be to grind off and put on the belt and
  • 13:27: maybe through one video we'll come up to the collection you do not need to think anything just repeat for us here is that volume order in which we show the operation in the order you do write it down subscribe to our channel in our online store we have there and already begin to appear in the spring of the novelty lived all we wish successes in creativity wait for the next good video with we were we by the arranged natasha and our whole team [music]