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  • 00:00: hello today i want to suggest how can you lengthen dress dress as you see has a higher bottom lines this embroidery goes at a distance of 24 cm from The bottom and embroidery lace is just is obtained on the thigh line the opening of the dress has a total length of 83 cm and here the customer wanted to dress somehow we extended and
  • 00:31: having consulted decided that you need to find a tissue suitable tonality bought baptiste he It's a bit darker to find exactly such a the tone was and will we lengthen the dress for the account of what we will cut under the breast not on the waistline but slightly higher girlfriend and we will lengthen his centimeters on 20 at that on these 20 centimeters we will do a little protection and let's
  • 01:03: Let's see how it will look like the line on which we will cut measured from the line armholes on the side sections retreated to 14 centimeters spent the flat line is now cut Now we check what quantity of tissue on we must take twice the value is 54
  • 01:36: centimeter and an additional one centimeter on The seam dress has two side seams but I I will do with one side seam that is Measure and cut Measuring naturally is not like this I had put off the amount centimeters to
  • 02:07: we need this piece whole remained and cut off all unnecessary and unnecessary I've drawn protection will be do at a distance of 4 centimeters each from the friend and the centimeter has retreated on a seam that here, and I 'll even trim it to make it evenly Marked on one side that is fabric folded twice and mark it further
  • 02:40: I turn and mark just as well then I will when I do the seam slazhivayu along the face to face and make the seam then I'll be in a circular sew protection protection can be either draw on the second side either do it like this I am now just interrupt
  • 03:10: I folded the fabric in half all trimmed and now it's just necessary to knock on all the cuts are necessary good properly aligned and I will knock on the fabric on the other side which the teacher put together where there is drawing when you interrupt you need everything
  • 03:41: is located because there will be an unnecessary noise Do not need these so we will tap and you see we can not see the water on there are no small stripes of tunics which I will then paint the pores or you can take and in the same way all mark and draw wishing slices which will go to the side cut with one
  • 04:14: the sides on the other hand just a cut him and now it is necessary to make ringlets round for ironing in one direction a cut which sewed and now add folds exactly just to be on the fold line The line is now applied and will be stitched I will ask for the width of the foot of the circular
  • 04:44: for all the keraks now kate chastits It is necessary to press so that they looked down that is here I have them all now and iron down and show how get's his arm lived for direction down and now I will sew to the top and bottom part first start the top of the postponement means to cut and face to face
  • 05:16: that is, I do this as if I were dressing him and place the cut with a cut so that it is clearly aligned pinned together and in a circular pass now we check here to be clearly aligned and now I will stick around in a circular perimeter and
  • 05:48: stitching when connecting necessarily Pay attention to where the cut is rotated there is a cut must look in one direction if he looks at the armhole to the left, he does not should look to the other side to the left that is, I must send one the side of how I cut it first and leave a millimeter 3 edge because they will also do exactly
  • 06:18: such a shield that will look like down that is not seen seam and he will be hidden in the defense, I spent a then head teacher had lived well and so have developed with This side is facial from this side and About ironed so that the seam a little bit went over to the shin of sewn cloth and
  • 06:49: Now I also just make the seam width to and will be the director of chewing on the bottom of such a way the show will go in such a fold here's what happened let's see If we did not do this wrinkle this protection then it would simply be visible seam and she would not have looked so neat that it goes well sequence all
  • 07:21: protect the wrinkles and do the same with the bottom part is now sewn We sew the skirt down and do it for sure. this work is over now. dress lengthened so painful with facial side and on the wrong side and seams there the device started not to be seen they all went away crease
  • 07:52: wrinkle the bottom and wrinkles let's see the highest you today we'll open it like this Facial and your excuse me for purl The parties that is, we do not have here their seams they can not see all the folds on this all I hope the video will be useful to you husky subscribe to my channel to everyone till