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  • 00:00: [Music] hello to everyone in this new one appointment with the video focus I would like get an overview of the range of cutting tools so to speak that you can find in the catalog of obi sedans we will then see the various types of nippers or nippers that you can find in our catalog rather than the various types of scissors and tools specific
  • 00:31: first of all precisely the tronchesina classic this here you can find the various types and therefore quality we say different then a monster only three but there are others including for example me comes to mind the pliers tro the former who they know what we say of higher quality that we have already shown you in a focus dedicated to that category of pliers we said precisely this is the classic clipper nipple then the
  • 01:04: cutting tool for metal wires of various kinds obviously it is about metal wires soft or soft seeds therefore not suitable to the philharmonic steel wire more specifically suitable for wires such as brass, copper and aluminum that are then those most used in costume jewelry the only clarification that I would like to make you on this type of clamp is that using the tool from
  • 01:34: this side rather than this side we will have a type of thread cut slightly different in fact if I go to use the part concave on the inside area of ​​the wire I will have a more pointed cut I do not know if you can see while using the flat part of the
  • 02:05: plier the cut will be more net more dish if instead for your creations only look for the cut flat the clipper nipper that there we recommend this is here the caliper with the wide beak is a specific pincer to get the flat cut the thread will then be the favorite gripper for those using metal wires in the wire technique a tronchesina instead
  • 02:36: specific for a type of wire is this here is the clippers for the thread harmonic for the memory wire we say that it can also be used to cut i steel wires in general because in fact it is a clippers particularly strong is a clamp precisely particularly strong in the cut and this is also present in the catalog also in other qualitative types
  • 03:08: we always say belonging to say of specific tools for materials in particular for a material in particular let's go now to see these two types of scissors that know scissors specifications for cutting metal so in our case use for cut the metal blanks let's say that this has a longer cut like you can see this though it is extremely easier to use as it is the
  • 03:39: spring return you as I do not know if you can notice but they are also slightly different types of cutting the pliers without spring let's say it's a clean cut while the caliper with spring return leaves one
  • 04:13: dentition on the edge that will battle obviously so much for the purpose of work in short, it will still be necessary to go to clean the area and sandpaper for which it's a let's say a problem easily solvable the last between a paper that goes from show you is that specific for cut cords and leather then from use with gifts leather with i climbing cord cordons from
  • 04:44: at least 5 mm and with leather cords plates of the later collection here the we will try to it on a cord precisely by the leder collection but as I told you, you could very good also to cut a type cord that of climbing ropes then 10 mm the only thing we do not have now done in this demonstration instead I would advise you to do is go to
  • 05:15: close the area to be cut with with scotch as we usually do with the cut in stock precisely now let's see the scissors in especially we start from the assortment of scissors first here you see two samples on opposite ends but in the catalog you really find it many types of scissors from first line within the own of the section dedicated to creative sewing in in this case I will show you one
  • 05:48: scissors normal to cut the cloth and one embroidery scissor with curved tips it is specific precisely for embroidery for go and finish the job perfectly another thing you can always find in the assortment of creative sewing and you can also find this in various ways size is the rotating cutter for to cut the fabrics you use as a normal cutter with a normal
  • 06:21: cutter of those we use even with a rotating blade paper precisely and allows you to cut precisely the fabric another tool essential in creative sewing but not only in fact here I will not show you that of the first but that we say marked b beads is the tool size threads the thread size as precisely anticipated can be a useful tool
  • 06:51: yes for creative sewing or for the sewing in general but it is a tool very useful for those who use i weaving threads then for the bead trici also in this case, the tips are extremely fine the blade comes up at the tip for which it allows to go to cut the thread even very close to the work always also dedicated to atrici beads the classic scissors from embroidery with extremely fine tips
  • 07:23: forever to allow you to cut the wire very close to the end of the work is the last we go to see is a generic scissor but a scissor of the fiskars fiskars line for those who do not knew a company that produces it precisely cutting tools of various genre dedicated above all to the world of the do-it-yourself kraft dedicated then to the paper and other materials and produce
  • 07:53: specifically precisely gear from cut for which they are scissors of precision suitable for example to whom play has fun with mixed media so with glue ie for example allows you to cut the scissor a lot sharp allows it to cut very well the paper around the head sean this is in short the assortment of scissors e pizzas clippers that you can find in the
  • 08:24: catalog of obi beads apart from the tools of the first one as I anticipated you find them in the kraft and co section in the dedicated area at the creative sewing the others find them all under tools for costume jewelry or essential clippers then this the first type that I showed you the find each collection under his type of clamp then two truncated pliers and if the economic clamps the pliers quality and so on this here to
  • 08:56: example to the made in germany while almost all the other scissors tools cut thread and and clippers for Philharmonic you can find them in various tools for costume jewelery the scissors for metal you will find them instead within the collection dedicated to metal st ping hello see you soon