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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, gardeners and Truck farmers again meet with you Julia me on the canal you garden in the garden and today I want to tell you about that how do I prepare the beds with black covering material because it 's still not a little important how to properly prepare a garden for someone like this moment to work black covering material that is, it serves as mulch before mulching material Someone I do not like of course is very like to put it all that
  • 00:32: any cabbage grows very well strawberries and you do not have to say this there are moto peppers in general, then everything that you plant in the open ground and often me ask a question yulya as you all have time that's how I manage everything and I try minimally make weeding or I I work as a plane cutter or am I still mulchiruyu all here black shelter the material here is made beds we make it bead wooden why
  • 01:02: wooden because the cover black material is attached using a step st with his stapler is attached to this wooden cat board 25 standard plain board in my opinion width of 15 centimeters I will not say well in general that the widest now I will focus specifically on black to native material black cover material many complain that they raise
  • 01:33: weed it it must be the most dense it is 120 if there is 150 microns in no case should it be thin as you put it to bed it is not a matter of principle because when watering and when precipitation is all he gets wet and then good only the first impression when it is new water rolls well in the future in general all on
  • 02:05: uses and comes to the norm very much convenient on black covering material drip drip irrigation this very convenient but always worth it the question is how do I make a hole in this black material equals me to be honest, it always kills here I am of course I was doing crawling Cut circles you see everything but in this I suddenly had such an idea I think stop you I'm doing nonsense
  • 02:35: what to do to take a buy burner Here we burn a bird with such a burner when we hammer but it is smaller and I I've found this bigger help this burner I'll show you how to do it quickly hole by the beginning of uk one material I'll tell the garden about the garden now must be prepared in It is downwards we bring all humus we bring in a hall Well, in general, then everything is nutritious
  • 03:08: that there is yes we are refreshing beds so that the bed works on Of course throughout the season, not bad make it humus and manure from autumn and to make a bed from the autumn I'll show you now if I look at it bed here now you see it so thickly lies the black cover material that he will not have a trip though grettir nothing that is all right
  • 03:38: If you did not do it, do not worry. preparing a bed now all pull the most important is the two together with someone with her husband there's a good stretch with the children black ucun covering material that there was no sail, that is use or mushrooms building white if it's just a garden somewhere in the garden is stretched or that's how he did it or we now here this bed now I you will show the principle of how to do
  • 04:08: that's it hole bow equals the material I think what you like because it very very comfortable here is such a gas burner and matches or something or that's a lighter I set it on and so I turn on the gas and the burner should a great cream in one I her
  • 04:39: turn on and see what I'm doing here so you see and get good good holes here is this, in principle, I and I see I did not warm up well, but if Well, it's better to warm up much is enough to do here such holes here are quite enough here such holes it can be landing cabbage it can be tomatoes and it can be pepper and even maybe strawberries
  • 05:10: and strawberries and anything you like even if you for example, want to plant but two three bush Well, do this in chess order yes Side by side 3 here are these holes but I'm you I assure work here with this gas Burner you imagine oble easy work can be incredible for me now that's doing the hole in general, everything is like
  • 05:40: joy now I'm just showing you here here it was planted in autumn strawberries are attacks here is gone Strawberries are missing due to the fact that she was frozen all over visibility is not enough can be moisture there may be something else but nothing terrible here this bed is about bed meter ten meter wide and all Still, I believe that on the black coverlet material and it is possible a little here not in two row up
  • 06:10: and somewhere in a checkerboard order still walk in the middle so here I'll try this garden I will plant more more started and I to you course will then show how it the garden itself feels black under the black Covering material for black cover material Here I am showing you there are no ants there are no slugs there is no one here either mice no one if you worry that you ants will be caught before you are for you sip it down you can
  • 06:40: sprinkle something boson very well sprinkle treat here, but of course I do not I advise you to resort to tar sheds because there may be a violation concentration and simply The plants will die and burn down the root system so wakes bed of Taba zone and all I do not do anything here there's probably here is such a tip just to make it easier for us gardeners here use the way
  • 07:11: sells salon here I here this one here bought in a tape that's so big the house is lit with a funnel. Here it is in any tourist somewhere in the department but in general in economy is the thing we need this year we did not use a gasoline lamp burning the bushes that worked with By this, as it were, the aggregate of us is quite arranges in general in every household he should be because the thing is very necessary and important and with you was Julia
  • 07:42: do not forget to sign it with me subscribe because not skip here for you something brand-new bye bye