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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear gardeners and Truck farmers with you Tatiana I'm glad to everyone Welcome to your harvest channel on garden but here comes the spring and finally we actively began planting seedlings in greenhouse in the open ground and as always there is a question of watering because it is very It is important that you always have Watering water and many of course now will start buying all kinds of barrels someone plastic someone metallic each tank has its pluses and
  • 00:30: minuses but I want to remind you once again of the existence of very comfortable things is folding barrel last year on my there was a video where he showed a500 liter barrel is such a folding very comfortable thing I stayed very very we are happy the entire season is active They also used this year also decided order a barrel but no longer at 500 liters a decided to order more and ordered for 2000 liters that is in one such compact
  • 01:00: not big barrels folding 2 tons of water roughly speaking, one such barrel replaces we now have 10,200 liter drums agree that it is very convenient given how compact is it The height of this barrel is 1 meter diameter meter sixty these collapsible barrels produce our Russian company which called e cut are made barrels of pvc fabrics are very strong in production not the glue of the container is welded
  • 01:31: The modern way uses machine tools welding with high frequency and welding hot air all the barrels are very comfortable and compact to collect the barrel very easily you just put it into the special hole that is from below such pockets Pvc tubes that go in a set of these they make up the barrel frame and everything and fill it with water as it fills up. water. she straightens herself, that is not necessary
  • 02:01: stand waiting to hold this barrel she itself is doing well in the past year we used a 500 liter barrel also as a mini pool the weather was cool and the big pool did not warm up, but such a barrel is very well warmed up in the warm days of which was not so much and the children used as a lamina pool and I think that this The barrel will serve not only for irrigation but also for for bathing the fabric is very durable and it protected from ultraviolet radiation
  • 02:34: now by the way you can order such a barrel on the site with a good discount I will leave a reference to the site in the description under the video below the barrels are conveniently located drain hole can be connected Hose used for irrigation as normal and for a drop therefore I already having experience of using such a barrel Folding all I recommend this barrel on price it will come out no more expensive than buying the same number of other
  • 03:04: some capacity but for durability, it is not only yields to other capacities but even surpasses still want to note compact packaging and you can to translate such a barrel even for 2000 liters or 2,500 at any place and in any transport even on a bicycle capacities on this site are sold from 100 liters up to 2,500 liters so that for every taste and for any volume you can find yourself such a folding miracle the barrel hope that my today's video
  • 03:34: you will be useful and my advice to you useful and with you as always was Tatiana on her canal harvest on the garden I wish you all an excellent spring moods of excellent harvests and everything up to new meetings