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"Вяжем a yarn with пайтками" together with Lorraine Woolheart  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello dear friends just recently we had a conversation on the beach at my channel youtube and the topic we went about beach with paillettes here I stand in my hands viscose with paillettes and many skeptics argued that it is impossible to knit yarn with paillettes even thin on a 5 class machine Even more assertions about the fact that yarn with paillettes clogs the car and it turns out then very hard
  • 00:33: almost literally quoting comments the tale of my channel is very difficult then this Yarn was avoided from both machines and so let's see how it is truth or commentary argued that sequins not only clog the car sacrificed his break them so look
  • 01:03: I do not have one snack at the bed score yarn needle bed, in principle, this can not exactly be put forward either Needles and see that one needle 1 needle head no yarn yarn by the way I get a smart cloth
  • 01:34: which will look great on summer products may well become Evening for those who love Chic glitter is perfect for day time option we press this yarn with packages came to me and from the store network of spears
  • 02:10: I'll leave this store in the comments why we are not advertising an Ossetian shop FIAN nevertheless a refutation skepticism and so you see that I'm with you tied 60 rows to 80 and none
  • 02:40: downtrodden I will ask you to break the broken sequins close-up of my bed and a large plan my book and you can see that no fragments of sequins like themselves the paillette is not on the bed not of course it can not be and
  • 03:12: as we see the yarn with paillettes easily coped with the cars of the 5th grade but now let's go further and see whether it will fit in put on overlapping and immediately choose difficult h and you can see it all happens at
  • 03:50: in front of you squeeze the beach with paillettes, too, link is now let's look again at our
  • 04:21: needle bed and our needles because the openwork interlacing is after all dating of loops according to another body and we see that even after the openwork interlacing even after the openwork The carriage has repeatedly transferred the some and you on the other no dirt from I suggest you travel by car if the level of some kind of discussion you
  • 04:55: You'll see that someone still claims that grade 5 armando scores and spoils can show them this video