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  • 00:00: Hello to you on the canal over the channel Today's earth is the short video I wanted would you tell about your ideal ridge for greens I this ridge manufactured last year established last year and has already grown Herbs varied in the past year and now I want to show you that I have grows this year that I sowed on this ridge my ideal ridge it is 14 centimeters wide and here is the height 13 centimeters this is the trigger and
  • 00:32: length about 5 meters this box this ridge is attached to a large high ryadochki and here throughout the entire length I have growing in this winter plow here I have to water the film but I have not attached a ribbon the other day. I will attach it to him last year. stood here though gryadichki littered with me fertile soil and which I planted here here
  • 01:03: thyme grows here I grew it from seeds here here are two plants 2 seeds planted well somewhere two or three months I do not remember exactly when the land served planted here is such a yanchik still quite still weak but it's already starting to grow quite luxuriantly farther I've planted 2 rows of nickname thin-leafed here he at me the charger what taste at it is very interesting as a rukola
  • 01:33: I advise you to plant a herb and who is not familiar with what kind of pot planting try on me now planted It is generally designed for micro-green and she's short put her here in such a ditch on the street but it is really low such a growth low further here is the usual arugula which grows in the open ground which planted in open ground Here it is already high so you can already
  • 02:03: and tear and eat already Here I am picking up a felling you for a salad who wants to see the recipe for cooking very tasty interesting not calorie spring salad can To look on a reference a reference under it video in description cook necessarily pleasant appetite here I planted the tarragon I grew up on seedlings about the gardens of tarhun chef here two plants, only they are here get accustomed begin to grow
  • 02:33: the apex I cut off from them at the hole on that he at me height to sew it at me grows a parsley she planted in me Last year I covered for the winter secluded material and that's it petrushechka even in the winter pinched it she continued to grow a little bit When the sun left his watch on built into growth too cut add to all kinds of dishes then here I'm planted windows it
  • 03:03: too, as it is quite undersized arugula still so small, well, here she is continues to grow further I planted here basil here I have purple basil green basil this, too, here's a little on it were big I have the same tops cut off and here that they at me their parents have become corrupt there now they will grow in breadth so that the beam is not all grown up here I sowed spinach and here it is
  • 03:33: little I have here that's in spinach me more since last year I planted Last year it was covered with perch material for the winter and now tiny planted a replacement for this large Here the back of the tag is climbing here I've planted a dill like this hook and up and here it is just only here comes their belly was moving to growth well the dill grows well , too, and this is
  • 04:03: We bergamo tag I also grew seedlings and here two plants are also circumcised top and here he is looking at growing a lot many stepsons grow in breadth here I'll show you a little bit of it parsley pots here too, here is basil green pots of purple basil here basil too in the pot and purple and green this is tim yanchik serving in a pot growing at I am very pleased with this rubbish
  • 04:36: Perfect Game Grip Stick is very comfortably no weeds are growing on arm's reach is far away ripped off the greens that you need there for salad or for some dish and greens continue to grow and make you happy on this video, I finish my finish finger up comment subscribe to a channel if someone does not signed necessarily click on bell not to miss more videos go to instagram there is a lot of land above the ground interesting
  • 05:07: go to the community on my channel garden above the ground for now until