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  • 00:00: [music] hello my dear viewers subscribers on youtube channel head garden today's phlox theme that u have you were so surprised in the street frost and I'm talking about flowers, but because that these flowers come almost in the wake of for pions, peonies are the very first and phloxes the second ones believe believe see me very strange when you start like this sing along slightly to wash that
  • 00:30: phloxes in me disappear every year their soot they in any way I am not friends with them style would not be friends Lord, my God, this is not a murdered one. culture you put on a bayonet spade depth is well, it's just that if you want to still have good phloxes yes here's really not killed you buy have a good party or in autumn buy remove all flowering part of the soldering tongue To the depth of the spade bayonet, but not
  • 01:01: forget what to put down there that the correct full complex to cover the flower fertilizer with soil and then only a loaf of phlox put the soil can not be covered soil if wet is not water it is not necessary to connect a small hillock because face will sit down and that extra water does not go there so that then it will freeze when it freezes and Not turned and did not break especially when make a hillock near
  • 01:33: trample down nothing happens from mulch with sawdust so you can see where planted here I want to show my fruit look after all and every cat gave big bush and you remember and you remember what is this phlox yes this cuttings phloxes planted in plastic bags I have in the old crows did not have enough time and this one that unwell transplant them in place but but now I will transplant them without problems
  • 02:05: Transplanted phlox in spring and planted blossoms will be but if you fall in the fall of the bush and seated then the big question is maybe they will be so very easy I would like to to look that there inside now here I'll take a shovel and we'll see what's there such with a plastic bag well let's choose a bush well, probably here This one it is bright it is visible well and here here please note
  • 02:35: see which leaves are purple but you know who it is, this is my favorite Veronica it is bright cranberry awesome and simple means we will win back shovel so that does not give anyone else and I want ten centimeters from the bush say that and here too, pay Attention the bush starts to expand I want so you just see I'll put it in place of course there is no packet
  • 03:05: no, the dream disappeared Well, in general, see the rhizome as far as deep on the spade bayonet and not less than Here it is all well, I do not know the family of phlox avaya now return it back and so believe that nothing will happen to him
  • 03:35: account of the land a little from there stretching I even I will not water it and I really want to so that you understand that phlox is eternal plant does not matter grade warrior hybrid this eternal plant is just right with We must apply to him, this land so that to the roots of course on the surface not stuck out it's not even discussed well and
  • 04:07: as you like, I hope that yes this it is these phloxes that we have such roles where I sit on the porch here baths and I break the cuttings beside me are bouquets These phloxes are some of the which I have stashed 1 fair and from them remember cuttings, well, I wish you success is directly creative like this stalk
  • 04:38: Here he does not need to be afraid of this is the phlox it's flowers but not the baby you're on your ears Lord come, my God, but all on this is all good and goodbye for now [music]