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Hairdress bunch. Three options of a hairdress bunch. [Easy hairdresses Belyaeva Olga]  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings today we will collect three simple elegant bundle first embodiment Sh hair in the tail and put on the rubber twice the third time we miss only part of tail hair the remaining hair we lay down around rubber bands for fixing
  • 00:37: invisible straightened for volume slightly and we will stretch locks of hair these beams can be collect on both direct and on curly hair today I have dried your straight hair with
  • 01:08: using a diffuser and demonstrate all three beam version on our holy hair the first option is ready Option 2 we will collect hair in tailless tail slightly pull the strands for the volume we take cushion
  • 01:42: platen we will pass a tail uniformly put all hair over the bead with the help of a rubber
  • 02:13: fix remaining tips hair we twist beds behind the lock and lay around the beam carefully
  • 02:43: straighten out and continue twist picking up the lock for locksticks and stack around bundle slightly smash
  • 03:23: we fix did not carry lobe our second option I'm ready for something looks like a bonnet and the third option
  • 03:56: separate from hair for top fix clip detach at from the hair on the right and left street Remained hair collect the tail on rubber upper strand of hair
  • 04:29: wrestle and the tip of the strand lay down around rubber bands for fixing
  • 05:03: invisible tail hair too twist the tourniquet lightly stretch strands and lay the free soft bulk beam fix not life
  • 05:39: bags right row twist jack year and laid around the beam we fix not
  • 06:17: rubber also stack and 5 on the left hair twist the tourniquet and lay around the beam our third bundle
  • 07:05: ready and how it will turn out thank you for view and before the ambulance meetings