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  • 00:00: hello everyone the name is xenia Kuzmenko and today at We model with such not too thick hair and how each girls and want to three-dimensional beautiful hairstyles for each day we will shoot a video clip which will be 5 hairstyles for each day very beautiful volume and very lungs that you will be able to repeat at home without problems teron tell you hairstyle which very relevant in this season is very many girls do its just like this such an upper node they take it like this through rubber wraps away but this is not very looks aesthetically so today I I'll show you two how to do very cool most
  • 00:30: fashionable hairstyle of this seasons in the beginning we try do your fingers like this like a malinka if you do it's yourself very convenient to do that's how big fingers of hands here so collect and pick up such here malinku which ends with the highest part your makushechki try to describe it as flat and collect in the tail next we do this
  • 01:05: tail more straighten out those then there is we choose such here on the top stretch it out cover our parting which we do not have should be open and make it more volumetric take out only upper strands Thus, we we create both volume and a little bit negligence the remaining tail we are so small we will feel slightly bottom to give more three-dimensional view of a hairstyle upper layer
  • 01:36: try to smoothes these here are the hair that shorter and we can even leave here such here a little bit disheveled, you can fix slightly varnish just to well kept volume and stressed the structure of our these strands and on we just we wrap the tail around its axis so we take only a couple of hairpins and fix it literally
  • 02:11: in several places to look very voluminous freely leave falling strands face in order to Our image was not so deliberately careless and we got it very voluminous stylish hairstyle and now we will show
  • 02:49: how can you hairstyle is just in two seconds transform with more open to open the neck with a friend it's hot in summer and here it will be absolutely the other is me fashionable hairstyle we will temper a little our function is to she did not interfere the remaining hair we just take here such a rubber and make a tail here we are make the maximum you can even finger it not necessary take a comb for this is the more carelessly you will do the more natural this kind of you will
  • 03:19: we collect pretty such a tail and raise and a little higher with a hairpin just take a match and he is so tall if you want more the volume is higher than it
  • 03:49: scratch a little little carmen and let go of our site we still leave strands in person under the fallen looks very easy and stylish and with us happened completely different hairstyle and we continue
  • 04:24: fantasies upper beams the next will be to weave for this we precisely we also collect hair a little think that it does either smooth or again still leave Vova such careless elements on top of it already as you like depending on what style are you prefer we collect the tail again little vape
  • 05:01: allowing closing again all our parting and because the parting and no hairstyle never seen to be they must create baldness effect the remaining tail we also a small emphasize only already more accurately and we weave from it plain pigtail very easy unnecessary
  • 05:31: weave an arc now we need close the gum we Just start pigtail to collect around our rubber bands and small hairpins choose the most small hairpins just a few We cover the things gum The singers should it is good to enter into base of rubber in order to hairstyle on the neck broke up well
  • 06:01: held and further we can pull up slightly lateral strands 5 so in just two minutes you can make beautiful
  • 06:31: very relevant stylish hairstyle yet The next our hairstyle will be very it will be simple consist of only three east look very stylishly preliminary we lightly twisted hair is short of tips for simply that they looked bulky and such as if its own natural beautiful wave We again leave hair to land primitives and we again we select our
  • 07:01: familiar to all Malinka a few less on half our parietal zone we take invisible rubber bands we try to select such gums to on your hair is not they were seen they looked hard such gums then we cut with scissors we do not pull them off hair to do not form break off hair and collect the next tail about he
  • 07:31: should begin in The ears can be selected spin your hands in order negligent We still have elements remained highest we we collect the second tail and the last tail
  • 08:06: who left us we make up middle of the nape all tails are about the same distance from each other friend and now our the task of making them voluminous and lush and now we take hairpins we pass the middle rubber bands and fix the tail is like this
  • 08:36: high enough Next we are the princely hands take and just I will form such more sheer curls do very simply just pulling
  • 09:07: up our curls and the last hairstyle for today just which you can make at home Quickly in the morning in for 10 minutes and
  • 09:37: go to work with her eg it will be an asymmetry we collect smoothly bangs with front lock slightly we turn and and from face and the other we are the same we select the same small strand too slightly tucked Facial hair will be asymmetrically rely on one thing The shoulder is now between these two strands we tied one knot this way
  • 10:10: pull up and tails we wrap everything up Remained hair thus from below we fix the tail tail and rubber band and create the necessary this volume is hairstyle does not require
  • 10:41: A special fixation is not hairpins are not bad but if yet you have hair thin holds poorly form can use lacquer very easy everyday fixation I thank you for watching this video I hope you all like you will with pleasure try and implement a life seen today hairstyles write in comments that you get better and that you like see the following videos before the meeting everything is good