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  • 00:00: your hair has become dull and lifeless beauty salons solves this problem in a matter of minutes for only 2000 grivnas and our expert beautician olga blizzard will open secrets of the salon glazing procedure hair 100 times cheaper at home terms: hello hello hello find you have such beautiful hair I I understand that you know all the secrets that this is for the procedure of glazing hair sounds like a confectionery but it really looks like a pastry shop
  • 00:30: this unique procedure is aimed at hair treatment and glazed voice 1 znobit their procedures and disappear in the beauty salons I and baribal tom that the effect is visible lenovo healthy hair is achieved by mattel u all eyes one procedure specifically the amount the view of our work was given up by one powerful and we must come of age python fine hair and B hand glaze award and skin and hair on the flow of the seam and I need a healthy close to
  • 01:00: protecting the portal I asked a little 2 3 thousand of them fish are laid in fact after Dublany and eyes rrr is on the hair for more than a month then folded and such a miracle managed to be simple and Available and hair glazing in the home Minds neither ranks renounces our salon expert c arguments we use only natural ingredients that we can find in yourself in the kitchen that is everything is cheap In practice, most of these
  • 01:30: ingredients if you already look at you lockers if that's how it is to go there is not a hundred times cheaper nothing above all our hair consists of protein and here is keratin in mostly removed the general part of it and when the entire external environment pounces on our bonus all our calyx from hair become on end more that here the hair shaft is bare as a result, it becomes brittle
  • 02:00: really begins to be cut first from tip then on and on more more and get hair then from the middle already and breaks down rango plus if you have dyed hair that is, a rabid load on the hair in resulting in a number of problems I remember that when laminating, we used a gelatin here what main component also lived and gelatin remind please how exactly gelatin can affect our hair and we can by the way already start cooking first
  • 02:30: gelatin is the same as our keratin from whose hair is of course that is ideally 100 percent of the ladies fit us need a tablespoon of gelatin himself usually food we now need three A spoonful of water is the most common purified take a mineral optional 3 tablespoons water room temperature and the minute normal then we dissolve all of us on steam bath
  • 03:00: higher with pleasure We put our firmware there and a good mix that is us It is necessary that the temperature of our mixture is approximately 50 60 degrees we do not need that it became seventy-eighty because in Anush will begin to disintegrate and time this keratin that we need to destroy will destroy this what they did that they did not do she is very good in front of her eyes dissolve want to share more here
  • 03:31: a couple of such lumps and there is I started wondering what this mixture is even if we left here until a couple of some there are lumps all the same but will disperse well in 10 15 the next thing we do we add butter to us necessary because it's food and recovery we take the most ordinary of us corn oil so we take one tablespoon unrefined course so that all useful properties it
  • 04:02: kept it here we have such tugenkaya Yes, we pour it there and immediately of course the question arises whether and not whether hair greasy after this procedure if we will literally apply oil to them but in the first we do not put it all root because really profit We apply a root from at least five centimeters if you have short hair or 10 centimeters and damaged shu us here as a rule further to the end more are always cut off and breaking up to the next that we take it sunflower seed oil which we also have
  • 04:34: there is warmers affiliated yes not so often we use sunflower oil in cosmetic prescriptions and probably this My undeservedly forgotten but the fact is that she is dense if we use in kim ah lotions it takes this as a film on the skin therefore, as a matter of fact, it is difficult for us his work and here it is just the necessary property we need forever soak up something that is bad on the skin Yes, we forgive hair and vice versa very happy and so can received
  • 05:05: almost homogeneous mixture a little bit we we see that the oil we have with the essence is important stir in such a way that not exfoliated oils and gelatin or this it is impossible to say so to me so much is not it is impossible how much this case for a monk it does not matter, well, yes, plus we add another ingredient is we have an apple vinegar is something for which apple cider vinegar helps us to preserve the color of our hair we are already half the table
  • 05:35: spoon and you give them apple cider vinegar as already yes, we all know grandmother's recipes hair becomes docile and soft Well, of course, that apple cider vinegar you need to take natural quality because it's for our hair and we know that the stores do not always inscription apple cider vinegar it may be true be not natural vinegar so that look at it and if you then we we understand this quickly in the steam bath our means so that we define
  • 06:06: already enough to keep on the steam bath here she has already melted everything is already beautiful all already uniformly in general, and we immediately remove because apple cider vinegar at large temperatures loses all its useful properties and now we are waiting for our here the mixture it became about 40 degrees but 42's try here a finger to that here it's not so warm but now you of course that hot still hot but already here clearly you can see on your fingers how nice the mixture is
  • 06:36: envelops and here a little even here it will strengthen a little bit about the technique very important yes to clean washed hair wet hair we apply this part carefully scooped up and my hair is tidy Handled our hair to the tip starting through knights 310 after that we wrap the hair in cellophane film cut a piece and then this
  • 07:06: As a matter of fact, we reel can be wound in parts the one done on one side and here they wrapped the film with the second side too quickly shook their plenochku 1 times it turned out like two pigtails, these pigtails put together under a warm kosynochku and we need to go through 20-25 minutes well and then all this structure to wash off without soap without shampoo just under warm water As it will not wash off all the same the oil will wash off just the secret is for what for us
  • 07:38: take a film to prevent gelatin from drying out because then dissolve dried up gelatin is enough all the same it is difficult Well, you imagine, so here's the jellyfish How well the dishes are washed after cold water under the warm water hit all at once that's gone, gets an explosion and with the hair also will be the main thing to observe all technology of application and when we wash off With warm water we wash off and gelatin or there is some part left on the hair but of course all we need is all remained with us that is, here is how much hair
  • 08:10: he needs like a sponge magazine retained the remainder of course we sm or beautiful and more than this is what interesting procedure that you need to do once in 3 weeks that is 20 25 days that's how It turns out that this is the mixture that now we are hello enough for a girl with already long hair Is it possible to fly twice as many next time to save such a tool Well, in principle, it is better not desirable and here once done if we know what it is to us much means took a floor spoon of gelatin
  • 08:41: it will be prepared quickly how much do we really have a runner about 5 minutes to all this is a mix so I think not a problem I understand that the effect of glazing hair will be visible immediately after the first procedure, of course, we immediately wash off when our makeup we start we see the result before and after for making a mixture for glazing hair we need gelatin water sunflower oil corn oil and Apple vinegar
  • 09:14: Gelatin mixed with water set on steam bath stir and see to avoid lumps then add a tablespoon sunflower oil sexual spoon corn oil we add a teaspoon apple cider vinegar mix and withdraw funds from We will wait for the steam bath until our means there will be a temperature of about 40 42 degrees and on wet hair we put this agent retreat from the roots from 5 to 10
  • 09:45: centimeters after application of hair wrap in food film and on top we put on a warm braid and still have a cunning if we are some kind of ingredient we replace this in this we all can make yourself beautiful shade shampoo or means of course for example if you are a brown-haired lady in this case put on you yes we instead of water take strong tea brewing she reached we get interesting such a chocolate
  • 10:16: shade is excellent if we are owners lighter hair we can instead of apple cider vinegar to take very good squeezed apple juice if we have red hair color we can take carrot juice, too, that gives a wonderful motty naked and so it turns out that we have it not only medical but also hair cosmetics Thank you so much Olya for this the discovery that I 'm sure you had to my liking
  • 10:47: [applause] [music]