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The first shoots of this season - a chervil, caraway seeds and salads.

The first shoots of this season - a chervil, caraway seeds and salads.  See details »

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  • 00:00: every season I try to grow you can have more greenery and last year here on this plow after cleaned old strawberries when it's from there but strength she was felled into a compost and on this place were sown various kinds of salads, including two more cultures are the Ackerville Openwork and cumin tasty in the past these cultures did not show themselves in any way but did not show did not show trouble
  • 00:30: small however in the early spring on this place on these rows emerged sprouts looked closely and that's just these cultures and began to rise this chervil seems to have been before these cultures did not grow somehow I've been able to make mistakes, but I guess this is the chervil he came in quite early and beginning to grow actively tore off several leaves to house calmly consider and that looks thus these leaves of some kind
  • 01:02: Special smell is not noticed but chervil again I grow the first time it's hard for me judge what kind of culture it is but nevertheless it looks like it is when you grow up, then I'll see what he is like yet of course the little leaf is still quite small plants are small but Now, early spring, I hope for season, then it will grow to normal sizes will manage to see what kind of culture is chervil openwork very
  • 01:32: It looks interesting to him the leaves on second ryadochke where last year was planted caraway seeds if I do not of course was wrong too, there were quite active sprouting Here are such thick shoots they look like very pretty green some apparently last year's something else red shade basically the greens are so bright juicy the whole row is growing quite actively this
  • 02:04: Despite the fact that last year he did not It may not show there was a a kind of stratification and now in spring there appeared these here boring grows you are pretty thickly twigs of course still small leaves small but looks pretty pretty this plant grow also for the first time therefore remains only assume that this mine At any rate, appetizing seeds from a sachet of that name
  • 02:35: also a few twigs and tore here such interesting twigs they have very strong very pleasant spicy the aroma in these matters is rather weak I understand it is difficult to say that it's smell but the smell is so nice spicy something remotely resembles can to be coriander coriander I already know well because growing once but surely saying Of course I can not but the smell of him clearly have leaves yet
  • 03:05: little greenies here are cute and hopefully too because still all summer ahead of this plant will grow to see what worry is the adult form of spite in cold weather These plants have risen and here are the leaves already we can rip off though they are looking for sure these two ryadochka turned out to be small practically under crops for the winter and ascended very well and of course could not resist and
  • 03:35: walked looked what happens to sowing this spring already extremely cold and rainy very cold and windy rains constantly there was even snow but nevertheless some cultures began to rise and my Surprisingly it turned out to be the first joy of course green cultures that's a ruffle sleeves endo y despite the fact that these seeds shops and went up and very well very
  • 04:08: friendly shine as always thickened a and the word is quite normal Well, on the second ryadochke here side by side already appeared shoots this watercress vitamins and arugula and watercress it shops and seeds but it is clear that they ascend very well even repartition of my favorite salad lost drives that are still only going to go but already too
  • 04:40: hatches here have already seen pretty thick quite amicably these cultures have entered and this despite the very cold weather today it's five degrees here next to this salad breaks through so that despite the cold nature takes its own and green cultures It fails and is already beginning to grow but when the heat comes finally I think and in general about him such a founder will please the good delicious juicy 7