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  • 00:00: [music] hello, dear friends, glad welcome you on our channel and today it's time for the first gathering Harvest on the hands of the variety of the Arctic showed I like how we sowed how to grow seedlings cassette way as they were planted in greenhouses Well, I said that I will show on throughout the vegetation period and so friends let's take a look now how the plant looks as it is imposed cucumbers of young green cucumbers young well, and so on, even try them to the taste and share with you my
  • 00:31: The fruit is still tied up with impressions only at the bottom level because well a plant young it's understandable well let's Let's see how they look closer quite ripe green now we are it see here the same color flower we take a little bit greener the back of the stalk but the whole color I like this petroleum jelly with looks
  • 01:01: quite attractive now I its I'll break it up like a hole in Lodz well as you see well filled with finely seeds such a green color of pulp under crust and now I'll eat it well how I'll taste it but it's elastic enough not to say he is not wooden, that is he quite easy to smell a pronounced smell of cucumber
  • 01:31: really as the audience wrote in comments that were grown already arctic smell is simply amazing still wrote that the hill is slightly elastic but I I do not agree now tried this one I will not agree with the green crust is quite soft pulp delicious juicy and sweet, well, I found cucumber is more overgrown let's now we'll see it well, in principle too, he did not fit properly
  • 02:04: The remaining Avars who hang to them Still it is necessary a little though basically such size is such a size too plants will be removed today a bit under unloading, if you take from these three that hang consequently all three will be get out of it will be possible to get out of 4 The next such size is still grow on the plant let's see here still interesting too bush well one by one
  • 02:34: Here on two types 2 leaves at once with one sinuses friends see on young plants coming out only one green 2 grew up did not go He did not have enough food for these plants which I showed you they do not overfeed that is very well thought out feeding schemes and therefore the plant chooses which green will go up and what she does not pull and leaves it without food it is possible to delete it here it is not necessary
  • 03:04: The following are possible when the plant will be more developed here 2 pieces too perhaps here already on the basis of the lent will go a little grown up for rooting the system will increase by itself a little plants and then it will probably be it is very common to pull in the bosom here the phenomenon is exactly in the Arctic by 2 greens here in a row see drove nso in each sinus although someone wrote in the comments from the past video about the Arctic that with one
  • 03:34: the sinuses climbed well with a whole bouquet of greens well this I think because of the fact that the reinforced were feeding Well, you can also see friends 3 greens here came out with one sinus but went only one so if the bottom of the plant on the lower tier appears several greens then it is best to leave only one although it was on these plants that
  • 04:05: removed on 3-4 first zeltsy and one such moment in this greenhouse about a thousand roots of 500 arctic 500 of another grade I want compare now here is the Arctic which you Just seen on your own and another grade I do not call it so that it's not looked as if the bad that a good look is the pair is not ripeness greens how much are you here saw remembered let's see now there are no fees here either were held still but the greens while much
  • 04:37: less it is visible to the naked eye they are Of course, well, they are smaller as it were on these plants do not have them yet play nothing here until the conclusions are still do relatively early we have not saw full development of full force fruiting I think this one this time will come in a week or two when I show you already these cucumber plants then it will be in my opinion much
  • 05:08: interesting and so far I'll finish this thank you all for the attention of all of you goodbye bye to new meetings [music]