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  • 00:00: professional skin care of the hands of the feet in home conditions Gel socks and gloves hi all with you robot milena and channel beauty from health features of gel products unique gel socks and gloves for skin health and hydration strengthen nails increase elasticity and general tone helps prevent fungal lesions are one of the most
  • 00:30: effective ways to care at home conditions gel layer of natural rubber rich in plant extracts and oil transforms a textile product into a effective hand care product and feet a few minutes after putting on Gloves in gloves create effect micro saunas the temperature in them rises due to heat of our body and slow air exchange while opening
  • 01:00: and absorbency of useful components gel rises at times if you love yourself and your skin then you should take care of keep their beauty and fresh look smartness always use moisturizing gel socks and gloves in free time so that the skin is not dry and problem now it is not necessary at all to spend free time in the offices beauty salons
  • 01:30: you can monitor your own appearance for a small fee the price for socks and gloves is low because you can buy a kit for yourself and the second half to buy a kit with for the care of hands and feet you can by going to the seller's website using the link under this video or by clicking on tooltip in the top right corner by themselves gel gloves and socks unlike simple cotton socks or warm gloves
  • 02:00: they are created especially for those who run yourself and your body the composition of the sock and gloves the same consists of 75 percent cotton 20 percent of the palaestra five percent spandex impregnation m gel as you can see all the components material for moisturizing gloves and Sock completely natural safe both for your health and for the environment
  • 02:30: but you are probably interested in that It seems to be a battle gel in the socks in general this gel is in the inside of the sock but does not come out outside of which does not work with a compressor using a cream on simple cotton socks so the gloves and socks with gel impregnation have the same skin moisturizing gel It is created by mixing different essential oils and vitamins that perfectly affect even very dry skin
  • 03:00: in addition to nourishing oils in the Impregnation may include fragrant extracts of aloe vera lavender also socks and gloves for moisturizing Skin is different in color and can be pink blue and green with regard to the size of the sock is not suitable for feet from 35 to 41 feet also there are men's high socks the size of which is stretched to 45 if you have a leg more than the specified
  • 03:32: size is not worth trying to pull socks otherwise they will be damaged indications for the use of left toe and gloves gel noses are enough for about 50 70 the number will depend on the a number of factors ranging from the size of the foot ending with how long you do compresses for 30 minutes or leave them all night also himself and touches and gloves although the average
  • 04:02: the number of procedures is also 50 application of like gloves and respect still socks with gel impregnation costs use as often as possible especially to people with such characteristics skin as a rapid aging appearance wrinkle dry skin rough cuticle skin imbalance and other try to hold compresses for hands and feet daily for example when viewing any transmission or reading before going to sleep
  • 04:32: book or magazine If necessary, you can put on and socks and gloves I perform homework cases that do not require urgent action if there is no time for yourself daily do this at least 3 times a day. a week for 25-30 minutes that is small express with approaches if you regularly do a manicure and pedicure then gel socks and gloves You can become irreplaceable here assistants
  • 05:03: The fact is that thanks to this product you deprived of keratinized skin cells without Peeling nourish the skin and nails useful oils and vitamins soften the hard cuticles are struggling fungal diseases of nails after moistening their limbs with using gel technology make a manicure and a pedicure will be easier and more useful however, remember that before using gel products you will need to delete the lax nail plates safe liquid
  • 05:33: for removing varnish How to use gel gloves and socks use gel hand gloves it's easy to wash your hands with soap cleanse the skin with a sponge or Brush the gloves on your hands lightly Press leather gloves to gel with The inner side of the gloves stuck skin keep your gloves on your hands all night or at least 25-30 minutes thanks to this procedure, you are after
  • 06:07: The first use will be feel the change in a positive aside In addition, it is important to know that the gel spa gloves are hypoallergenic and can not hurt your skin moisturizing procedure helps not only moisten the skin but also to calm the irritated surface skin nourish the surface of the skin useful oils restore the former hands beauty to soften Hands to save you from corns and coarsening leather
  • 06:37: Moisturizing socks also differ mass of merits because they protect you from various ills fungus nails unpleasant smell coarsening corn fatigue and ticking itching and other things use socks is also like gloves Wash your feet with soap and if desired lightly brush them with a pumice stone dry towel and wear gel socks hold at least 30 minutes on your feet even better all night after that, take off
  • 07:08: bought by you moisturizing gel The socks and gloves can not just prepare your legs and hands for the summer the season but also to restore their external kind of improve health and save useful vitamins and substances in pores skin for a long time after the cumulative effect after Use socks and gloves spa they need to be washed in warm soapy water rinse under a stream of clean water and do not surviving hang dry
  • 07:38: way Keep socks and gloves attached to the room temperature or a little bit cool place of opinion of experts we you give a hand cream to apply it to hands and special silicone gloves apply cream help can not even triturate if you are dry indoors then moisturizer will draw moisture from your skin and the aging process so much
  • 08:08: accelerate that you did not happen you will need a special silicone silicone gloves is the only a moisturizer that will hold water from the skin these gloves you put on your hands come on, put on our girlfriends this 1 2 take off your shoes we must apply the cream on the legs thick layer to apply a cream on 5 business in that that on the skin it is important to stop almost no sebaceous and
  • 08:41: sweat glands so the skin in this zone always dry it is rough of cracks so that the skin of the feet requires more more services to lose a heel in the same way the second leg and on each leg put on here is such a silicone socks For the whole night the second leg is also dipped scream
  • 09:11: dress the second socks that they give silicone socks they will hold moisture usually when you use moisturizers if the air is dry then the cream will draw moisture out of your legs and feet or hands and face will become more better after the cream call is gone silicone holds all the moisture recently and that For a few night hours you will achieve the fact that your skin is well moistened small wrinkles are smoothed out
  • 09:42: and we are very fond of young and beautiful reviews Svetlana makes life very difficult for me combination of dry hands and intolerance is more than half components of hand creams I was already desperate until I found out about the existence of moisturizing gel gloves they perfectly moisturize the skin when this is made from natural materials and absolutely hypoallergenic even after the first application
  • 10:13: becomes an updated glazed the child really liked it marina my hands are very sensitive to weather changes in the period of heating season, your skin is covered with scales or one moisturizer in my arsenal is not copes with its task after acquiring a moisturizing spa gloves all changed in a short time My pens get a well-groomed look like after paraffinotherapy in the cabin little about gloves honestly tell all
  • 10:44: I do not wear them in the middle of the night I want to take them off but a few hours enough for the perfect effect moistening I'll open a little secret even better Gloves work with your favorite cream We put the cream on and put on the gloves the morning handles are delicate silky Galina has not faced recent times with the problem of dryness of feet I always wanted to apply a cream but not always it was time and place
  • 11:14: from dryness it was terribly uncomfortable that I Only did not try to put or render a cream on legs then on top put on sachets and socks But so to move around the house was not very nice then read what works well. mayonnaise so it really helps I wanted more and a miracle happened mom gave me on March 8 moisturizing socks, I did not immediately understand how they work at home opened the package and was nice surprised nothing like this ever
  • 11:44: I saw socks on top of a very soft microfibers and inside the silicone layer inside slip but nice socks designed for 50 their applications can be washed irina at least nosochki moisturizing themselves for yourself but still drawing Pre-cream does not hurt your feet in socks sweat after sweat the use of sects, but all the same It is necessary to apply them regularly for more I want to warn the expressed result that you can not walk in them as a layer
  • 12:15: silicone spoils better when worn when watch TV or overnight nina I love gloves and socks with gel impregnation just love, I threw all hand creams because my pens are for the whole day enough moisture which they saturate the stitch of gloves and the skin on his legs began to look much better and all this with the fact that I absolutely I do not take the time to care for my hands and feet pulled gloves and socks and went to bed dream
  • 12:46: for everything would be so simple to take care of all information is they are recommendatory in important consult with Thank you for being with us and see other channel videos subscribe to our channel if information was useful for you be happy, be beautiful and healthy