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  • 00:00: [music] from flexibly trousers men's trousers today's our topic but usually masculine pants fold if these trousers go to sleep filed with tape special pants then usually this is the tape is circling the all the glitch and we tell you today we show how to sew the ribbon only in back half of trousers in the front half trousers tape will not be pants in front of us here such trousers show Dolce gabbana is excellent trousers are just they
  • 00:31: master long so now we there will be a bend prune we tried on the side seams they are absolutely identical are not present here such that one pant leg more different less so we we have the opportunity undercut absolutely the same but you always need spent from decreases from the producer does not uneven trousers but we are the same cut off and then we we will be guilty in that that we have uneven one half trousers there 2 here we are all the measured natasha begin work for us already marked with a thread
  • 01:01: length finished goods and we add to the hem 5 centimeters of course 5 it's a lot but it's about that it's just us people whose trousers to make more of the case of shrinkage or there gave that we still have there was a stock therefore we leave now on the hem 5 centimeters and a surplus cut off now we know what to us it is necessary to make a subtle
  • 01:31: 5 centimeters on this stage we go to the overlock anchor fix seams not let's be like this unscrew and check slightly need yes so when you see that here you have see that under the flexible less than that place trousers then you need to do this a little bit here so here is perry scribble a couple millimeters and make this part of the bottom too wider to be us
  • 02:01: there was enough width is exactly this now natasha will be doing this is what we are now expanding down it in order to wrap you up as the bottom of trousers is not we tightened it now expanding millimeter by 3 stitching was growing God yes im every seam [music] need to be stitched dissolve an old seam iron at the end all check
  • 02:31: naturally on camera we will do only one leg second for cameras because it will be shooting is very long and now natasha makes literally one trousers on the camera one half of trousers now we will dissolve more fold and check if there is enough us in this version this is not an interception, he then did not delay this is very important
  • 03:01: you see we slightly expanded now turn away check Yes, and now we are really enough will not delay this is the bend and always expand the bottom ironing the side seams where we are expanded all put in order before as work with a gift
  • 03:31: with a belt bottom of trousers it is necessary decant to she then not at the village with process sock and or dry cleaners and so on it is necessary powerful pairs predicate look what Natasha she made out on the wrong side so that nothing on the face do not draw and 5 We spend centimeters an even line bottom hemline and I have a big
  • 04:08: please do not be lazy and line lower hemline masonry seam why because it's very It is important because we do not we can trust here chalk line on the face she is intelligent can on time from the park they are a chasm . there is thread this line do not lose to the end and we will have no the possibility of something curve we will iron and bend over here this line which us under the lineage here depends on this and quality of sewing now look at that
  • 04:39: place where we side seam here from our line a little higher well, a centimeter and a half the width of the tape you need to open the side seams and if there is an overlock together it is not his need rocks to tape there will enter because when we are in a circle sew the tape there is no such need somewhere to hide ends this tape and when only on the back parts of the tape so as not to bend it itself is not we hide here like this about open side
  • 05:09: suture from the side seam hide the ends of the tape for hem bottom raskorili such holes and now will be our tape seems to sew off trousers we are told oy report sew up trousers and here now you will see that
  • 05:41: and so everything is just such channel point and which there is such a compaction on the tape it's down The tip is hidden in the seam and signs to enter our tape exactly to our perk our cushioning gone and that even per millimeter 2 she came to the top Our task at to hem this one here roller on the ribbon is this compaction to end so that he a little bit like went beyond the fold this is done in order less from our forest sewn back
  • 06:11: part of the pants for prevention I am always surprised people who come they say oh chyo there pants and hem but I'm thinking about feeling you came see who could have filed who seams the wool there calls to hem pants but not all of course but
  • 06:41: such are because she had to walk and ends hid in the seams end of tape hidden in seam one end lateral seam the second end of the tape in step seam and now let's go
  • 07:12: tape and spend Our holes where she is inserted we are stalling now here a hole that we ripped off the seams for order to or already sew it in already our tape is hidden for hem bottom natasha account all will show here she went to the seam exactly the same it sews up 2 hole that we
  • 07:42: considered be careful I sew tape DAC both on both parties one country that goes trousers and another country that goes to one side of you to put on the edge grooves and second side at 01 now our ribbon will be stitched with two sides and ends of the tape are hidden in the step joint it is very convenient this
  • 08:32: method because it does not always need a tape on circle and wear out then mostly back pay attention to how it looks now a now we go to overlock processes process the bottom slice on overlock now natasha
  • 09:43: will fill this tail from the overlock and We will work further ironing now her this whole trouser leg look at the pants how beautifully lies tape now natasha
  • 10:14: sticks the hem bottom certainly without cameras she would have her rear gun and shaft but would sew already on pin on the camera it is necessary to sweep or are you right away hemming will let's say let's we take after kneading check not Does it delay us While we expanded check all the same necessary swept away and now
  • 10:56: we will file secret everything from Natashenka to we do not already have a secret once showed how sew a secret there is now a breakdown to sew a secret well that expanded bottom then we do not have prolongs the problems will right now everything before sewing remove by a draft from iron watch how natasha sews each stitch
  • 11:26: opposite the puncture and opposite and went to the cashier is again dead captures tissue diagonally and precisely opposite the thread then this one the hem will be immovable is the most competent bending in secret not for we finish the podgibku secret we fix our
  • 11:56: the work is done remains only delete a mole and iron very it is convenient to work when along the line of the hem bottom for masonry seam I teach the girls on any koch bend lay at masonry seam and not tormented like this looks look natash shows you Here is our bend in the this place where ends nothing is bent draws that we have expanded
  • 12:26: there is also no no problem here so it looks like front end just died a bend in the back with with a belt now we go all this I am cooking very much competently done everything competently professionally The podgibki technology
  • 12:56: men's trousers showed you features then when we have a tape for the hem does not go all pants all over circumference of the leg a when only behind such technology now often We also use it you showed of course it is very good be variety not similar to themselves day-to-day forget about our Dear men have we have a taste of men pants from a to i buy and we our advice will be help you subscribe to our channel click on bell to receive from us
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