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"Карамельный Наполеон" cake;  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello today I'll make a cake caramel napoleon combine the bowl of the combine chilled in freezer for 20 minutes sifted flour I will add salt cold butter diced I mix the baby shaped masses in small portions I will add cold light beer until the mass gather in
  • 00:31: divide the dough into 12
  • 01:08: identical parts stack up flour container I will close the lid and put in the freezer 30 minutes for custard we will connect in a bowl of eggs room temperature of sugar and vanilla sugar stir to homogeneous
  • 01:38: state of add starch and carefully mixes Milk I put on fire and bring to boiling continuously truncating add egg milk the mixture poured mass into I will return the saucepan to
  • 02:10: small fire and stirring constantly about cooking until thickening remove the pan from the fire and I will chill with cold water intermittent mass to not a crust was formed I will sprinkle the board with flour it was the same piece
  • 02:44: chilled dough a the rest will be removed in fridge as a template for cakes use but from the detachable form with a diameter of 21 centimeters I'll put the flat cake on paper for baking and nipped in
  • 03:15: heated up to 210 degrees oven put the pan on average and bake 7 9 minutes before golden color hot cake trimmed by template I use the sprinkling cake so
  • 03:46: baking everything the rest of the cakes for cream soft soft butter in two or three minutes I will add caramel sauce written during minute reference to caramel recipe sauce you can find in description without interrupting whipping add 1 spoonful
  • 04:16: chilled cream on a dish for one person spoon cream top I'll put the first cake on two or three spoonfuls of it cream and so I will collect the whole cake I shall smear with a cream top and
  • 04:49: the sides of the trimming a bag with a clasp and I will squash with a rolling pin put the cake in refrigerator for eight to ten hours
  • 05:19: caramel sauce in cream can be replaced the same number boiled condensed milk subscribe to channel put like share friends
  • 05:49: ask questions in comments with you was irina podolyan on pleasant channel appetite