Oksana Pashkovskaya

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Super - an otstiryvaniye of towels. To bleach kitchen towels. quickly and easily!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello will whiten towels my washing machine reached
  • 00:51: Here I got the towels not all spots have moved away and the towel did not turn white so I have a way that is good to clear and whiten towels very simple way here I have dirty towels and white and colored put the towels in a saucepan
  • 01:28: I have a 3 liter saucepan the water is boiling in a saucepan I need a washing powder you can even take the cheapest powder in boiling water I will add 2 tablespoons. powder
  • 01:59: 1 tablespoon of dry bleach 1 tablespoon
  • 02:36: 2 tablespoons sunflower oil stir and I spread towels
  • 03:15: turn off the cooker close the pan with a lid and we are waiting for the complete cooling when the water completely cools down, we take out towels, rinse and hang out
  • 03:47: While the water does not cool down, do not open the lid
  • 04:18: and here is the result important moment
  • 05:50: choose a good bleach try it write your results and all for now