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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine dear friends like always glad to see you all see at home today want with you share one the technique that I recently by chance found and I just state you know full of euphoria I sure of one hundred fifty percent that after I now you will show it very many people they will want it right away repeat if say that she beautiful and it's nothing do not say if
  • 00:30: say that she the simplest is this too, nothing say because with this will cope practically five-year-old child it's all so simple and well very beautiful now i'm you I'll show you what we 're going to and then I'll tell you more some very interesting moments see how you like like this a bottle with a Here she is Here I am showing it here
  • 01:03: such a surface y it turned out farther this is my most the first test is simple took the lid and on it plastered here it is like this us baroque it turned out further took the usual box and now in
  • 01:34: this kind of does not look colored that is you saw on black background I now you showing a white background still without any finishing top bottom here such monograms we have turned out chic you know these wallpapers which are called linkrusta costs 20000 rubles per 1 roll we are now it will be for 5 pope do there the same monograms but
  • 02:05: us with you ala monogram but I started only do not yet finished it here inside like this it turned out that it inside the lid from this box of beauty after all monogram seems so complex now show you will laugh for a long time Here's an option I have to which I show because what can and
  • 02:35: internal surfaces of departments and external surfaces to finish on any would materials be all works and even like you seen on the bottle on round, too, all perfectly keeps what do we need elementary putty any gypsum white
  • 03:05: glue pva is not here no one else then more will tell you details and for painting something I have gold here such is the enamel bronze see what do we need to do on that channel where I I saw it, I do not know it's author or not author therefore, refer to it does not make sense my doctor probably unlikely we will get do not know who and when
  • 03:35: it all came up with but well there as usual here there is this putty ready mixed with pva go buy in store Lord is nowhere shorter did not go to some shop and do not need I have this here dry and putty like usual simplified everything bitch and putty if we breed sex together here I start there is no spill
  • 04:05: look at this consistency of liquid need to add goods I beg your pardon add bites now I her I'll bring it to that condition that we you need to have yourself it was seen and understood hinder before when we have as you know how on pancakes batter
  • 04:35: stir first densely dancing so that there were no lumps and package if we can do slightly more liquid than we need a drawing he will remain but a little bit sit down if you want more pronounced figure at accordingly it is necessary dilute slightly already approaching yet on my view is also a little liquefy add more
  • 05:05: a little bit well, honest enough all by eye I think absolutely everything by sight by scientific method no ready materials from all the fact that there are at home here of this amount
  • 05:41: a lot will turn out I yesterday so much develop and already easy took what was already smear but today for the same will be lost part of so well here's we came to this the moment of our meringue solid peaks here it is see is holding here she is like this to us need putty diluted in glue pva so all the farther I
  • 06:11: I will not do anything miss here as would be primed here just took any plaque for to you this show by the way here I was asked all perfectly withered can be varnished if this woman looking which asked this the question here is I say so further we are with you that's what we do here such a mess we put here on
  • 06:42: surface that which we finish and a layer again somewhere I do not know how much can it be five millimeters we We are not smearing us you need nothing even absolutely nothing need now I want to tell you if something you have then when it dries some cracks nothing
  • 07:14: terrible we all are this is painted either white either in dark or under green is not all it is painted over nothing is visible Here it is ours working surface next we take tassel any and went for a walk in different
  • 07:46: directions with any points in any direction that's all as if it were ours surface it's easier to be so probably will not think up so here we are you can mix it with tilt brush keep then will still be other drawings well in general here already like you
  • 08:18: you want it here look what surface which monograms unique this is something guys so simple and absolutely any surface finish in every I have a case in my country house there was not enough wallpaper for I know one wall now what will I do I'll bet here such a panorama from this all it will turn out well so now my the secret is not enough
  • 08:48: that as usual simplified all yes it is impossible and nowhere it is necessary to walk in any shops are the most conventional putty petra mixes any building glue pva here is this bottle I return to it when i decided her I just do it well so let's say so I I forgot about going In general, I spread on water simply in bite and water as ordinary putty and and even when she at me has dried up and
  • 09:19: goes about it remembered that there is no not a gram of pavel just water and putty guys the same here they are our monograms here they are so here they are so here is a technique if you do not have something liked it admissible or decided something Change yes without problems were taken by all removed and applied to new if you need
  • 09:51: it seemed that you thick layer you want to do it thinner up to less expressed to you need a picture accurately also at least until you ground it you sell this trowel putty it does not matter it will be painted that is no hysterics we have no there is no now we will put layer thinner
  • 10:22: Only here look why should It is necessary to look here for what time to right here you see on the way here comes down well here it would be necessary us of course a little bit so that we have opportunity to do this picture then make a layer here he is this tonics but here I am not I will understand you already brush now in here this condition tassel work impossible idea wash now minute
  • 10:53: here is a little thinner layer try on more subtle the same thing with us all is obtained please somewhere you are thicker somewhere more elaborate
  • 11:23: carried as you please with any point that's all the same walk and hide and not do not want to hide then after complete this job all only if you take this decision
  • 11:53: if this will be necessity if here will be some at me for example on bottle but were here here are such sharp I will make the corners the skin just went through and all that's it all it turned out so guys that's how it is then what did you want today tell show this quite now I'm calling unique technique for its simplicity and beauty if you liked Of course I 'm waiting like usually subscriptions to channel of your likes
  • 12:23: questions of your reviews again idea is not mine I its I met only and she shared with you knife how will you be this apply this course your decision but I now this will be use everywhere and everywhere because to me I liked it very much all the best success in creativity and with the upcoming new the year