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  • 00:00: We liked the pilau very much, he was very delicious hello dear friends gardeners and truck farmers in this finally we with you have waited for those warmest days when in general I really want to nature to sit eating something delicious cook I do not want to absolutely bother at home cook and we have, as always, here in this the time of year in general and in summer we often arrange a get-together of a carer on the street when you can cook something delicious this is a shish kebab meat or bad and for pilaf we have
  • 00:30: of course always take a responsible jen he cooks it very, very deliciously and Today we are his words under the vowel asked to cook their famous pilaf so today we will look and learn from him how to cook honestly I do not get pilaf on the street which does not always work for some reason some porridge but he really, really really tasty for pilaf we need rice I I always take one kilogram of rice
  • 01:03: thoroughly washed one kilogram of meat zero 3 garlic carrots chopped such from small bars large onions somewhere 5 bulbs of carrots I on 45 carrots of whom and accordingly salt well and the most important thing butter at home again we will all fry pour the oil into the cauldron and incinerate ago pour oil about 200 300 grams to understand that the oil has already been poured
  • 01:33: for the right temperature can be dropped small piece of onion and check the oils enough to ignite this is seen onions sizzles well means you can start cook pilaf add meat and thoroughly fry it until golden crusts now it's time fall asleep and stew the meat without onions money for wind
  • 02:05: [applause] pour out the onion and continue to fry everything. the bow should also be golden roasted onions as you see with us also very beautiful right now I need the most time to make carrot, too, will now fry the carrot pour a uniform layer now everything we will fry and mix [music] here carrot is calmed down already oil which here we have it boiling already
  • 02:39: suddenly it will give this color accordingly Outloo will be such a beauty and continue to fry the oil that is Carrots with meat paintings on the west are simply gorgeous look at the carrot I think you can start to carry rice also compare not attach podvodochku people are boiling over us
  • 03:10: the risk we have washed out the water from it chris stolen lay flat to the whole the surface of the shelves evenly level rice and now fill its water is flooded with water so that the water covered somewhere in a centimeter and a half if the water does not add anything scary You can delete it if you pour through will already slimy such glue bad bad
  • 03:40: water ripples boiled warm almost hot poured very smoothly smooth now see see all the yellow it's just a pity to see this happen to us carrots I will say on the bridge princess this is the picture here we will fill in enough enough I always salute when I'm flooding but usually on such a kazan where that is 2 3
  • 04:13: pinch of salt is the most important spice for pilaf this zira hole add a little bit minutes of zira it will be very bad Together so that's see what he's on such a pocket is somewhere a teaspoon rub and it's time we put garlic garlic cleaned without any whores completely put the lid closed and
  • 04:43: we wait [music] remember that we have obtained, we Vodicka poured a little so here it is, we have 2 chaplain rice is still hard so water can always be added better do not add water Plov than it to pour if you pour it much worse and then to remove slightly podolem boiled water
  • 05:14: who from us will continue to cook around volume of close the lid with water boiled rice ready rice we are in the process of cooking is not stir while we wait for all the table you need to do one small procedure for this we take here such a tiled towel and put it under the lid because on the lid we accumulate Moisture is I need to figure became
  • 05:44: sticky and lost all his wonderful quality [music] here is my sex ready for you like a simple recipe for everyone to enjoy appetite I hope you liked the recipe but of course my son-in-law as he cooks pilaf and if you liked the format of this video
  • 06:14: put it so that they can understand that you really do interesting plov we liked very much was very tasty well and with you was Julia me on the canal in the garden or in the garden