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Fast rejuvenation of a neck and zone of a decollete! Very effective recipe!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello everyone, today I have a video at your request now something very many began to write and ask to show as many masks as possible for the neck area and neckline and today I 'll show you the mask which perfectly smoothes wrinkles perfectly tightens this zone and also very well nourishes and moisturizes both the neck and the decollete area will need only two
  • 00:31: component is one chicken egg and avocado oil avocado oil as well as the fruit of the avocado is wonderful and rejuvenating agent that is in itself contains a lot of useful vitamins microelements now I will not be long about I think you know about this in general avocado is included in various Rejuvenating mask works great as on the face and on the neck and on the décolletage Well, naturally if you do not have this
  • 01:03: oil in stock, you can take that oil which suits your skin type that touches the egg on if you are the owner very very oily skin there take only protein my skin is prone to dryness therefore I take the whole egg, but that's all I'm about to start to a recipe that is actually very simple one egg he adds one a teaspoon of avocado oil and stir all whisk slightly whipping all of Moscow they are ready to apply it but before
  • 01:36: than to put a mask I want to tell those who probably for the first time went to my channel that on my channel until March 25 passes competition is played out very wonderful parfum and wonderful cream so be sure to sign and participate in the competition and not at all always doubt my contests Honestly and of course I put this mask on on the cleared area of ​​a neck and a decollete I put or render brush mask certainly leaks
  • 02:11: but it's okay but here's the mask I caused now I'll hold it for 30 minutes after which but its just warm water Time passed and I washed off the mask but after I still I put or render a cream a cream to become at I, too, with avocado oil made a cream naturally his own I can say that the cream
  • 02:41: turned out chic and somehow be sure to show you the recipe for this I simply apply the cream to this zone cream well and on it or this my leaving or care now for the neck and décolleté zones I can finish say that yes the neck becomes more taut and smoother and the skin very very soft and pleasant to the touch
  • 03:11: on this I have for today was all like I always wish you only by myself good all the best I 'll see you in the next video