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How to get rid of Mice the Most pleasant way!

How to get rid of Mice the Most pleasant way!  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello my Alexander called you to channel homemade In this video, I tell you how get rid of mice most enjoyable way how often do you go We have to make here such here manipulation of the mouse It is on the side lining and bustling noise on the go
  • 00:30: even on the ceiling of what we need to our pleasant a method of disposal of wave we need a syringe 20 needle cubes Medical since then we will need so mint peppermint so alcohol and then we
  • 01:00: It needs essential peppermint oil, too peppery about two bottles in We have what they just need two so mint pepper on alcohol for one simple reason if we will use only tincture on alcohol it quickly lose their Properties in the open air and will not have proper effect we open
  • 01:35: one bottle and the other is there are dispensers and drip so our oil in tincture alcohol and so
  • 02:00: then close and stirred at this Chemical reactions are not there is not any Foam nothing the kind I'll open the smell I want to say stunned so we take our prize our needle and We choose our solution You can start with Chick
  • 02:39: score is not so much Now he's looks greenish color so here and on the second floor and I made such here objects here are injection case ponemnozhechku business so
  • 03:05: you're still in one place inject as here is my where about boat already and where is here and so that's where they run here I also We do here such here looking for just such places
  • 03:33: [music] than good by the syringe needle through the very dosed refillable little by little if there were no needles we would not be able to So dosed refuel were either at the place of all at once as in the races there is a small gap small twigs where It can be a little bit
  • 04:00: fill our potion somewhere lining rassohlas whether here you can still go there tuck attack This kind of hole as we have in this hole More nafigachim But without what the okapi
  • 04:32: my surprise That night I slept not easy had hit the bunk number click here to go awesome tools she works the only course It needs somewhere May 3 bottles of alcohol tinctures, and the same in butter settings house
  • 05:00: preserved resistant mint odor somewhere 4 Then he begins to a little fade but I I think he keeps work such a procedure should be We have to do a couple again but I did tell twice somewhere in half weeks odor weathered had again to do well, but tranquility in further videos on rodent control I will spread
  • 05:30: How else humanely get rid of mice also be presented video but very smelly very effective friends if you liked videos Like if there is no place dizlayk it even better write comments to new appointments subscribe to homemade channel