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way how just to clear a toilet bowl of a rust and a raid - a cheap and effective remedy  See details »

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  • 00:00: Greetings my friends on my the channel is very happy see you again thanks to everyone who looks regularly subscribes to me very supportive Today I will try show you the way cleaning of toilet bowls topical plumbing from rust rust smudges calcareous deposit with help very cheap means for some reason undeservedly underestimated but neither
  • 00:30: I have not seen one heard not from one friends. in this way, someone I tried to do I personally think that this is means for effectiveness of much surpasses many advertised very expensive means and if to study its composition then you can understand what it is in principle is the same that is, we will show you how can I clean with the help of called converter rust or noise is called
  • 01:02: neutralizer rust stands there from 15 rubles for half a liter bottle let's how it works we live in our house with us water from a well water hard very much calcareous deposit rusty stains and so further that is, here if take a sponge you see here here she does not care remains all the same then there is the same thing
  • 01:32: is happening with a toilet in fact that is such rusty if can be seen here traces mortgages that is, it's all very quickly formed we will clean with assistance of such funds this is called transducers rust is sold where usually sold paints solvents entrance can and other stores
  • 02:03: construction there household water is not They played rust at the same time in all these means also expensive means specialized for cleaning plumbing be sure plumbers be sure are present orthophosphoric acid here it too, I think that here its content much higher than in ordinary expensive advertised we will try to use took such a sprayer normal also in economic store for sale actions like this
  • 02:34: here too we see there are traces of such we met there is one for what is high water concentration there is an unpleasant smell every woman respond all of you splashed and leave it all
  • 03:04: five minutes react well here my friends passed just a few no minutes calcareous deposit almost no more what's more, here there was also some number here washed easily and I do not even I use hard the toothbrush is beautiful enters here here
  • 03:35: right before our very eyes Here's this give a point descended what does hope include you can see cleaned easy to see here address tours
  • 04:08: almost there is no brown color just light darkening is even if this building Once processed, you can achieve the ideal result that's how my friends are can be noticeably save on cleaning products usually advertised funds can cost there 300 rubles from form in Hawaii to 400 for a bottle is the tool costs only
  • 04:39: only 15 rubles for half a liter plus all if use sprayer then consumption she significantly you do not need to decrease develop there all bottle so everything who will be interested in it use health I hope it's someone will help everyone liked this subscribe put the husks will be try more make a video of your any observations lifhaks and so on all bye