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SUCH YOU GENTLE shortcake did not taste the BRETON Cookies yet

SUCH YOU GENTLE shortcake did not taste the BRETON Cookies yet  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] [music] All greetings with you Lera and the channel is prepared with love today we will cook very tasty tender and sunny and biscuits on yolks the cookies turn out friable and very tasty video and cook together with me and please your family only homemade cakes for dough we need
  • 00:31: will be the following products 5 yolks in the floor of the vanillin 200 bag grams of sugar 250 grams soft The butter and 280 grams of flour for on the mask on top we need 1 yolk and 2 tablespoons of milk using a kitchen machine quickly prepare short pastry dough butter spread in the bowl
  • 01:01: add vanillin and sugar and all good whisk [applause] now add the flour to the dough his spoon if you like decorating cakes like me protein-custard , you too
  • 01:33: probably stay yolks and you do not know where to use them this cookie is very a good option it is tender friable coming to little I eat to any drink and very tasty cooks quickly not requires no complex ingredients All products are always available in fridge and cookies are obtained enough test that we
  • 02:06: depended on the combo did not work very well Soft as you see soft and sticky the dough was divided into two parts now to us It is necessary to form a brick from it we stretch the dough very much it is convenient to make a round shape make a square like I do in principle is enough now what we do
  • 02:40: once again we smooth the first bit of test a year turn the edges and send the dough to freezer for half an hour for me, a piece of dough, I also took food foil and do all the same most that in the first case we attach Our test form also with hands smooth pulling it here can
  • 03:12: be any form we do not here's a square cookie like more Total We send both pieces of dough to freezer for half an hour got the first piece of dough with freezer oven key or we will warm up now cut cookies 5 mm thick it's easy to just cut a knife too thinly do not cut the cookie just
  • 03:47: awesome will be friable gentle we cover the baking sheet with parchment paper with silicone coating and spread cookies at a distance from each other about one and a half centimeters I like this cookie we just melts in the mouth is prepared lightning fast nothing complicated preparation is available if
  • 04:18: You have nowhere to put yolks since I cookies great option cut the second piece of dough rule should try to pieces were of equal thickness make a fill for a cookie or madden I have got a little yellow hair yelp add a vein 2 tablespoons of milk and with the help of plugs well with
  • 04:51: tassels we grease top cookies yolk with milk the oven must already be in advance warmed cook cookies in preheated oven at 190 degrees for the middle the level of biscuits was baked 20 minutes before a beautiful golden crust left us just see what kind of cookies in
  • 05:21: break it look it is gentle rosy both sides soft and friable at the same time the structure of the cookie is simple awesome cookies will appeal to kids too and adults are mild and the same time friable sweet and tender cook for their family the swamps and their families homemade cookies And still do not like that it is not strong crumbles like a shortbread cookie and
  • 05:52: sweet i recommend you cook it simple cookie preparation for your media, subscribe to my channel put like and with you was an opera and the channel is prepared with love until new meetings until