I prepare three days in a row. Pies simply miracle!

I prepare three days in a row. Pies simply miracle!  See details »

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  • 00:00: All greetings we are preparing pies today from a cheese dough my whole family is just fell in love with baking from this test it some special taste is not sweet and not salty like a sandy but not sand cheese 120 grams of natram on a shallow Grater on the table sift 260 grams of flour add salt put 150 grams of creamy oil from the refrigerator parabens in his slightly found we put grated cheese by hand all we grind into a crumb The resulting crumb we add 5 dining rooms
  • 00:34: spoons of pre-cooled water in freezer knead the dough does not stick to your hands elastic behaves well in work Usually stick together and roll out clean dough in the fridge for one hour until the dough is cooled will fill the filling two apple clean and natrem on a large grater Put it in a bowl, pour juice lemon add sugar to taste you can add cinnamon at will and stir stuffing ready finished 60
  • 01:04: minutes dough is ready to roll it in layer thickness of 45 millimeters is cut out a glass of mug [music] take a circle put the filling if the apple is very juicy better than its slightly wring out the edges like lari does not put the cakes on the baking sheet get 19-20 pies from this the quantity of pastry and lubricate
  • 01:34: milk well sprinkle with sugar put in a preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees 30-35 minutes before rouge we take pies from the oven and pies are soft layered with a crispy appetizing crust from this test can be prepared from open cake I was preparing cabbage meat stuffing and yesterday I cooked pies from this test with frozen cherries if you have not tried to cook from I recommend this test try out
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