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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners you Tatiana I'm glad all welcome to its channel harvest Novgorod today your numerous I want to request you talk about very good unusual propagation method garlic Many probably know that garlic can be multiply air boules barrels here now You see inflorescence that is, if we do not remove arrow garlic on reserve better seeds is making sure when arrows are more
  • 00:30: powerful that in the end we We get here is inflorescence is It called air the bulb and many know what this way you can plant that is but to propagate garlic today we will focus not quite in the ordinary I think this way way to many interest, and many like when the conventional method breeding bombs the bulb planted in one row with small the distance from each another to a depth of about three cm but Today on the way to which I want you now tell
  • 01:00: I think you have a very startle his simplicity and unusual you want talk a little bit how of the bulb head grows it happens not at the one year as many consider that is, whether we sow the bulb e.g. Now before winter planting takes place at about the same time frame as winter garlic the following year it grows 1 Zubko One very Zubko little about somewhere a pea plus or minus a little bit more than a little 1 is less than the tooth should be q
  • 01:31: to plant again in the fall and then the next year grows clove ie it is the same 1 Zubko only more and now landing 1 of teeth on next year you to harvest full of garlic that is, to grow full head in another it is still that is called from on the bulb next year tooth grows 1 to 1 of the year and when landing teeth 1 first year next year grows 1 Zubko 2 , I think that many of your questions
  • 02:00: on this occasion I answer because Many are confused and I think that from on the bulb next year It grows from 1 Zubko which you have You get full garlic it is not so but believe me this it is a way of reproduction worth it to them engage well First you save your boarding material feature you head of garlic which contains a Example 3-4 cloves and You get that fit you spent too a lot of planting the second material
  • 02:31: I believe that the moment It is the most important Thus, we can improve and rejuvenate our garlic especially if the garlic you put out year after year, and he It requires sooner or late and rejuvenation recovery garlic is subject to many diseases such as nematodes Root mites gray rot and rust Fusarium but most important thing is that since Now these are the bulb not contact ground even if you
  • 03:01: take the bulb with affected by these diseases plants themselves the bulb material and which of them it will grow completely healthy and believe it is very important and just for the sake of and this should do breeding garlic breeding bombs but now I'll show you the same the way in which I have intrigued early Video is very easy simply multiply Garlic is a bomb
  • 03:30: not quite the standard way of We will not share this is now the inflorescence into separate the bulb and will plant like this in entirely for this I prepared grooves the barbs can be pour well rotted compost Deoxidation can be add room dolomite flour now here you see These grains is Diatomite is a garden soil improver and that I will somehow I told him I use now autumn to prepare
  • 04:01: beds in the greenhouse and here for planting onions and garlic Of course I'm not rolling in Now on diatomite All the beds have no such an opportunity but in general you do not diatomite, you can to replace him Example or ash in currently or dolomite flour but hall certainly preferable because it does not only deoxidize soil but also contains very big the number of micro and macronutrients needed in particularly for cultivation of pure what directly already in I own grooves I make small
  • 04:30: deepening and here so simple I omit it here inflorescence in this small hole and covered with earth land layer on these very bombs must be about 35 centimeters of It will help enough to they spring together germinated and at the same while in winter vymerzli if you there are frosty snowy winters that seedbed can additional shelter but as a rule of his experience will tell that even in such between the bulb great winter or
  • 05:01: freeze e.g. The following inflorescence bulb snip we plant at a distance where the about 15 we do centimeters also a small deepening and covered with earth such a method of landing Chick bulb has a number of benefits when we We disembark these the bulb of the same they are quite small and who grew the bulb know that they grow so thin feathers which is very easy then can get lost in the weeds in this case
  • 05:30: grow a whole bunch Now these feathers here and it is no longer possible lost weeds very easy process care for this The beds can be allocate small Piglet and here on this a place to put here I showed you in this manner the bulb trust you really is a way like now the most important thing I want you say the bulb planted thus we next year dig in the fall, we will not be their We leave for another
  • 06:00: year after year after we leave that the bulb in the land we grow the same tooth there is one terrible 2 of the year Now we have them dig this will be where the second half of summer ie, as a normal garlic in the fall We put him already as fully planting and a year later, we obtain full and healthy head garlic and want say that garlic is have boarding material that obtained from such that is, by way of
  • 06:30: 1 reproduction teeth he over four to five years almost sick and that is very stable to many infections and disease that is it turns out Now rehabilitated in This is fiction the simplicity of expansion method garlic I think that many the gardeners process is very pleasant hope my current advice you like you necessarily use this way if enjoyed my
  • 07:00: current video is do not forget to put Like and subscribe to my RSS feed crop on garden with you was Tatiana all in all all good good mood rich crops and all bye bye