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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: [music] we begin the haircut with I distinguish central
  • 00:30: vertical parting then parting from ear to ear through the highest point of the head and then on the back of the head horizontal I highlight the part upper occipital zone middle occipital
  • 01:03: zone and lower occipital region remain separated precisely in this joint sony I start a haircut in this hairstyle I use grouping 90 degrees but since Anna does not have hair thick enough mine task to save the maximum hair density person for this I will use
  • 01:33: certain hair distribution during the haircuts that it means control strand remains stable and all allocated to haircuts are distributed to one control strands that is to the center nape [music]
  • 02:06: such technique I
  • 02:38: stage by stage cut we draw the back of the head Your attention that hair distribution to one control whose strands is located in the center nape as a result of such
  • 03:08: distribution with test haircuts your slice should look like horseshoe line in order to get more volume of hair is upper the occipital zone we swifts distributing hair perpendicularly crown still pulling them to one central strand
  • 03:39: to determine the length control strand we focus on previously trimmed hair for execution better hair distribution we use vertical gaps [music]
  • 04:12: now we proceed
  • 04:42: to mowing the parietal and temporal zones by central vertical parting select control strand focusing on length in the area of ​​the crown set the line with elongation to the face now all the hair distribute upwards and cut them in
  • 05:12: plane by a given control line in this case there is no
  • 06:11: need in advance dry your hair so we immediately start creating circuit we ask for our model stand up and take into account naturally and falling hair and applying turning our head, we start creating contour line [music]
  • 07:21: also in order to get enough pure contour line at the back, we use the slope head now we proceed
  • 08:12: to hair styling after which we need again amend contour cutting [music] [music]
  • 09:27: [music]
  • 10:30: completion of haircuts
  • 11:20: once again correct cutting contour a also want to say personal opinion that in case of fine hair is necessary strive for a very literate balanced combination of layers and tight contours