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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: with you program flexible body gymnastics eight a full lesson offer your attention to the complex exercises are aimed at development elasticity of muscles and ligaments and tendons to improve mobility the spine shoulder and hip joints performing regularly complex you get muscular state and improve and endurance improve and work both hemispheres brain improve and work
  • 00:30: cardiovascular systems liberate you and body improve memory and smash creative thinking we recommend carry out a complex three to four times in a week in the morning time or at the beginning your workouts starting position standing feet on width Shoulder arm at waist start the movement with head draw the eight change
  • 01:18: direction of travel head eight went back aside Put your hands down and we work by the shoulder
  • 01:48: joints start with the usual sprays shoulders up exhalation down do a few forward and now right draw a shoulder eight hand relaxed move gently to the plan
  • 02:18: without sudden movements change direction eight repeat the eight
  • 03:01: the left shoulder change direction of travel and
  • 03:44: and now two shoulders sync draw eight Eight in the other aside but now we are trying move in different directions the right shoulder moves one way left in another
  • 04:15: that the shoulders are changed direction put your hands on hips and now body trying draw a figure eight draw the tass pull live mari strong fit
  • 04:45: stop and push to the floor draw the eight body in reverse direction finish traffic
  • 05:48: body, we turn to 2 times draw with a pelvis eight on forward direction backward first the loop goes forward then loop backward change direction of travel pelvis go to the side
  • 06:41: Eight the movement goes first from the center to the outside change direction now the movement is on to the center but now
  • 07:22: basic movement eight left hand top right hand near the hip and we start moving hands drawn pyramids as moves eight smoothly hands flows into the side eight increase amplitude of the hand diverge
  • 07:52: return to basic movement turn diagonal eight return to
  • 08:23: basic movement and draw with your hands mill return to basic movement stop
  • 08:56: we gather our feet together hands on hips raise the right leg up and right hip joint start draw a figure eight complete the eight
  • 09:27: the left thigh process of motion buckets are trying maintain a balance now sink Pull back on his heels buttocks open hips and in this we start
  • 09:58: coconut eight change direction of travel Pelvis accept all sensations in the legs
  • 10:31: and finish traffic lift the coccyx top relax and tilt slightly at bent legs this is the mountain of the network on foot mat bent we lower knees to the left
  • 11:02: knees bent under right angle of foot at right angles we follow to stop and goll did not draw one level line and Thus, we smoothly moving forward exhale downwards knees water and return aguilar try your back keep even top of the head up if it is difficult keep your back flat put your hands behind yourself and a little hole adhere to fuse stretch your legs before
  • 11:42: Do not step backwards. body slightly tilted forward gently stretched area waist up to the edges of the rug bend feet on the floor and now try connect the base eight hands with the movement of the feet we lower our legs to the left do a double backhand movement we lower our legs to the right and again a double backhand movement
  • 12:12: continue to move finish traffic
  • 12:55: collect with you hands together seize from hips on exhale round your back stretch the shoulder blade not back with a sigh and stretch out and with an exhalation once again take a breath stretch out