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  • 00:00: complex exercises on critical days pose of garland put your feet on width of the pelvis or a little further transfer weight body on heels and slowly crouch lower the tailbone as low as possible Straight palms folded on the bridges in front of Listening to your senses with your chest slightly spreading elbows knees weight transfer to the outside of the foot
  • 00:30: as an option you can grab with your fingers the outside of the foot and in this position gently rest your arms on your chest by let's go this is an ideal complex in case you do not want to miss it training during menstruation, he especially suitable for those who cycle passes
  • 01:02: painfully abundant and strongly affects general tone make sure that your feet evenly pressed into the floor of the patella pointing upwards [music] another very good option with a blog try maybe for you it will be the most comfortable
  • 01:33: especially if the heels do not fall to the floor [music] Breathe slowly and deeply and calmly relaxes the pelvic area of ​​the inner the side of the thigh and the inguinal ligament [music] this pose is a grace for me to enjoy
  • 02:13: and you with a smile on your face [music] Pose of a garland is very useful for girls and women helps to eliminate discomfort in abdomen and those who suffer from severe pain in back during menstruation
  • 02:43: gives quick relief also a little sleep promotes the opening of the hip joints and this means that it will improve flexibility and streamlining [music] behold bad haka us she posture of a bound angle bend legs in knees to connect the soles and at the sight of the foot
  • 03:17: closer to the pelvis sit as high as possible back your back Stretch the top of the head in a coordinated manner 3 st if the loin is rounded sit on a hill it can be block cushion [music] the back is stretched from the coccyx to the crown of the head belly and thorax are pulled upwards
  • 03:48: [music] chin slightly lowered shoulders back in the sides of the scapula retracted the hips lie on the floor of the calf muscles tightly pressed to the inner surface thighs [music] If the hips do not sink to the floor, you can sit on a blog or lay the blocks under Knees stretch the back of the neck and the crown
  • 04:20: up I pull up my hands upwards press your knees closer to the floor [music] Put your palms on the floor behind you pull out the body and open the breast cage
  • 04:50: relax the foot, you can dilute the heel and deploy feet to the ceiling [music] Take your shoulders back and down from your ears clamped and [music] this asana has a profound impact
  • 05:20: helping even with severe pain during critical days [music] if you can not grab the stop and take it from your ankle with your hands or use a belt if it's hard to sit you can directly lean on the wall
  • 05:51: give yourself 15 minutes and your day will be quite another is not sluggish and passive and cheerful and joyful because will discomfort and overall to take the ferrosane from the pelvis exactly between the stops Lean back and help yourself with your hands lie down on the block or a blanket of soup tavi times
  • 06:23: she pose the hero lying down direct the buttocks and the tailbone is knee-high the surface of the thighs is stretched out if there is discomfort at the bottom backs need support above [music] feel like the pelvis and hips lengthen
  • 06:54: the chest reveals the neck is stretched out after the crown chin slightly directed over it helps to lengthen the neck stretch your back open your shoulders scapula and rash the chest postures of the hero lying propping up digestion
  • 07:24: she stretches her stomach back italy creating ease of the stomach relieves pain in have a general stimulating and restorative action this pose helps to open new levels sensitivity and ability to resist daily stress and tension creates more space for more
  • 07:54: free breathing, we open our heart for new achievements [music] we connect the mild abdominal breathing in 4 accounts and 4 accounts breathe out inhalation stomach gently puffed out the belly button slowly Down with relaxed muscles belly the breath gradually flows into the exhale Continuing to breathe breathing is calm and
  • 08:27: uniform acts very gently I shall feel what pleasure it is full of relaxed and breathing in the breath [music] one two three four exhale four three two one breath 1 2 3 4 and exhale four three two one excellent
  • 09:03: behold [music] soup the bat hogan son pose bound lying down to stop there I lay for a possible fix the legs with straps but if the hip joints are sufficient
  • 09:33: The mobile is not necessary if the inner side of the thighs burn Put under the knees of the support feel Pleasure and disclosure in the pelvic region and Breast pose is simply a paradise with due relaxation of the whole body with a forehead relax the cheeks of the corners of the lips you can open your mouth fully relax
  • 10:04: neck and shoulders and also relaxed and free [music] [music] gradually increase the duration Exhaling keeping the breathing smooth and relaxed feel like they live
  • 10:35: expands on inspiration and gently pulls out on exhale breath that long inhalation has a calming effect effect and we relax even deeper breathe once or twice-three-four breath out five four three two one breath one-two three 4 and exhalation six five four three two one
  • 11:12: breathe once or twice three-four breath out seven six five [music] 432 one breath once or twice three 4 exhale eight
  • 11:46: [music] 76 five four three two 1 good good breath and return to natural breathing [music] shavasana
  • 12:27: pose of rest we finish training in a pose complete relaxation of your legs and feet relax them, relax your hands Close the eyes of the body and also once lacquer them with soothing breathing let the stream of thoughts watch the breaths and exhalations
  • 12:57: every moment they become a little deeper and a longer woman as a musical instrument tuned in a certain way, it can raise what you need to do to return a harmonious state is why We should be these few days in the current of the month when we can stay alone with myself feel how the whole body relaxes shift attention to the pelvic region
  • 13:29: bottom and into the pelvic cavity not appreciating or criticizing ok this inward gaze feeling that you draw energy on inspiration from outside And on exhalation you direct it to painful dissolving an unpleasant sensation connect visualization imagine any color inverted triangle
  • 13:59: The top of which is directed to the ground and corresponds to coccyx and the base has a width of the pelvis on inspiration feel both attention and energy passes through this triangle flow with tip and concentrates there on exhalation feel like pain and unwanted emotions tension and toxins go through this tip to the ground visualize following the movement of energy
  • 14:34: with an exhalation mentally say goodbye at all fit and negative inspiratory and soaking in itself all the most useful and positive [music] make a good breath and good
  • 15:08: exhalation [music] return to the habitual breathing [music] how are your feelings now write in the comments necessarily click on bell to not miss new ones
  • 15:38: put a video and like to sign my channel your coach katerina buida be in shape together with me