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  • 00:00: hi hello in this video want to suggest you associate such a the pattern is called daisy he is very does not look spectacular pull back the canvas as you can not see nothing coils lies quite evenly so he looks like on the wrong side so if it's you interesting we continue for this pattern number loops when typing must be a multiple of 6
  • 00:30: plus one loop you add to this number of loops and still dialing 2 edge to all other let's tie one up preparatory series before as begin to knit basic pattern take the first loop and then to the end of the row tie all the loops facial except the last loop the latter will be lap since it is edge knit with any convenient for you in a way back wall and the front does not have
  • 01:00: meanings you got to the end of it preparatory series and start knitting first row of us report will consist of four rows of take the first loop she edge further binds one is the wrong one by the way, purposely product side tied one purl now that we will do we we will knit as if purl loops
  • 01:32: we shall add one more crockery for knitting this purl loop that is, you start knit loop when you start right spoke in a loop you are doing one additional cape and only then stretch the thread and y you should eventually you get two loops which, like twisted strongly not tighten here tied one loop at the whole need to link 5
  • 02:02: such loops purl knit a second plant the right knitting needle in the loop done additional cape and finally after that how do you stretch a thread you will have two loops the second loop was we knit such a third with a fourth and fifth
  • 02:32: further 1 purl and repeat the purl with a crochet of 5 loops so I'm sewing 1 2 3 fourth and fifth
  • 03:02: again 1 purl normal and knit again 5 loops 5 back loops with such capers and again 1 purl so repeat until the end series at the end of the series you will get after 5 loops with one more simple purl and the last edge which you also
  • 03:32: sizali purl now in the second row of knitting in the beginning one facial the loop was taken off tied one facial and now we will also give 5 loops which we had knitted we will be like them take pictures of you it turns out so After you you will get the right knitting needle in the loop and pull this loop with to learn one by one big long loop so take off the second
  • 04:03: third loop so one by one all five fourth loops and fifth this way of knitting called even before and out Sticho if translate into russian then this loop daisy or what? now these 5 loops of which removed elongated return to left
  • 04:33: Here they are tie them all up together with the face this you stretch loop quite freely that she lay then do not delay very strongly the truth is also not stretch so that just this loop freely lay with you next you do not shoot all this from the spoke you
  • 05:04: make a working wrap thread again tie all these 5 eyelets accurately also pull loop on freely lie again do nakid and the third time tie this loop of facial and you will succeed here are five loops facial mantle cape facepiece take the whole thing off
  • 05:36: from the knitting needle and knit again one face repeat 5 loops which were knitted you shoot twice three 4 5 return to left all five loops you're tying now
  • 06:07: Do facial do накид 2 1 провязываете facial make 2 nakid and the third time tie the face shoot left Repeat with a spoke 1 Facial shoot 5 loops that were knitted
  • 06:37: tie them first facial whose then do cape again facial nakid once again facial and repeat but then Lithuania at the end series after the last daisies you have will be tied 1 facial last a loop edge and in third row when clear edge knit 4 purl 1 2 3 4 and now the following
  • 07:10: five loops will be knit with as we did this in the first series of that is, start knit wrong do cape additional and you get two loops in the end take off the second loop if so tie 3 4
  • 07:52: and 5 then 1 purl and repeat the next five loops binds purl with cuffs again 1 purl 5 loops inlaid with on the cake attention to the fact that in end of the row after last group of 5 loops 5 purl
  • 08:24: loops sc you there will be 4 loops well, plus another edge these 4 loops you just knit times as at the beginning of the series you did two three four and last Edgeband farther knit the fourth row the last row in report the first loop took off then tied 4 facial
  • 08:54: next you have 5 loops that you made with a crochet just like you do it did in the second row shoot all these 5 loops 1 2 3 4 and 5 return them to
  • 09:24: left spoke we bind them first facial do not tighten do cape 2 1 facial 2 1 nakid and another 1 3 1 facial removed from the knitting needle tied one facial and again repeat shoot 5 loops stretch
  • 09:54: thereby them even those there from and stich so called and then one facial you and reach the end again series after the last daisies you have there will be four facial and 1 edge farther you turn over knitting start knit again first series that is rapport repeated from the first on the fourth row
  • 10:24: knit until the pattern will not reach the length you need finish knitting Such a pattern you can as after the second so and after the fourth series, the only thing you will need tie one more a series of purl that's how I did it in order to Align a little loops and can close them Well on this all I will say goodbye to you happy