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  • 00:00: good afternoon Konstantin Hello today I wanted to talk to you about repairs foundations what's the last time the query in Due to the fact that substandard foundation and make his features from people very often there is no money in general on building something new and decides restore some structures which went to
  • 00:30: inheritance from there relatives that's why I wanted to clarify initially in general principle, what is related technologies from foundation repair what in general possibility possible 2 option two options technologies is pile-screw a or bored foundations or pouring some belt belt then there is a band foundation band monolithic belt so here we are here
  • 01:02: there is such a disk turned out for the staff as We have here the concrete what used to be called foundation result from these bricks and other materials was the foundation old house others technologies that they can be like auxiliary
  • 01:33: there are those who are rude speaking extend for another some time life of a dying person foundation but if for columnar foundation more or less all is clear and big enough quantity information in Internet I, as I understand it when perimeter foundation and of the existing structure establish their own power beam factories builds up and on quirks already these roughly speaking I'm posted
  • 02:04: correctly understood this the technology itself lifts the house but for so that further further produce necessary work there to dismantle of the existing foundation and the erection of a new dependence on the fact that recommended after research and what sequence action, but let's say in terms of that columnar foundation if the house costs 100 companies no house is worth on something in general that
  • 02:35: probably the foundation it's hard to call him need to put the wife ordinary slide ie repair there with the help of screws were drunk bored piles what sequence here well sequence such that in the first place is necessary explore the structure with possible is it even possible in basically the rise because the big part of the houses she leaves much to be desired better here and roughly speaking can break even before his possibly or it will be impossible
  • 03:05: post further is removed that there is a pallet here are some columns who on what actually speaking adds up, that is what to do the foundation and here even from some wooden columns are here further if it is a question of pile-screw the foundation installation is carried out its perimeter with two sides, that is, one side was with the other side of the house line piles which
  • 03:35: binds channel line the channel is after of which the pallet is taken care of beams behold beam section is chosen based on the width of the span is as it were we are n-shaped sub-bases on which the house hangs naturally he does not look exactly aesthetically because screw piles they
  • 04:06: come but this can be beaten finish of the plinth and make terraces open on both side of the house and on I'm already actually greek understands, in principle completion ie he is dropped simply after that already on wait for glory beams and all the farther he falls on power Beams that's part of the repair of the foundation finished i understood a if regards repair technology foundations with monolithic belt
  • 04:37: which is poured directly by country as understood principle there lifting technology the same at home evaluation too from the very beginning repair that occurs after how the house is raised further from tape foundations because that they can be called whatever you want, tape or search in principle this is the monolith here a little more difficult in the plan that to me need to hang out house for certain reference points here
  • 05:07: so that no affected the tape the very pass and there it is necessary will be roughly speaking creep under thunderbolt that is, to produce specifically work under the existing structure that can not be do not say that it's very dangerous in general, that's it. after window write out all done that is produced conventional mounting
  • 05:37: conventional foundation then there is only that over this field works building hanging house [music] [applause]
  • 06:07: [music] [applause] [music] [music]
  • 06:48: [music] he rises
  • 07:20: naturally higher than with screw piles here somewhere from 80 centimeters to one meter or even higher it happens you need it raise so you much more dangerous himself production process But after work hanging and filling here that is accepted concrete also very neat God forbid not break house hanged no
  • 07:51: was here large gap after filling that is, not less than two to three weeks is best 28 days as the regulations against dialing strength of concrete mixture after that produced neatly and lowering from home to the existing new foundation out new foundation which was flooded directly under existing
  • 08:22: building now the building is so called the presence belt now you can look at final result Here's how something like this it turned out pretty even tolerances in previous video you seen earlier in two centimeter house consists of parts that is, he attached
  • 08:52: was completed in process operation and change hosts Here that is here under this house was removed such a wonderful tape it's natural with spacers with interlayers on new cant beams because they need
  • 09:22: there will be some roughly speaking some the distance is then the jack completely descended here it was possible there delete that is still done additional lining boots so that before completing niches in the very foundation there are we practiced such but it affects strength will do mortgage niches which are knocked out after I flogged It is removed and it is possible on there to insert a jack
  • 09:52: but it will be a window which are harmful affect strength on integrity constructions monolithic Well, the third option which is generally very rarely used it's even poured monolithic plates for the existing buildings here the only thing in this case leaves windows for supporting points that is the support point inside which
  • 10:22: keeps a posted house naturally it relies on the ground that's the rest these roughly speaking about a cat when removed formwork here the house is lowered so that it can be let these support points remain in the principle forever there is such a cheese I realized that is whole and so I think that probably the most expensive it will be monolithic stove under
  • 10:52: the existing structure optimal ratio price-quality you think behind the bushes some band monolithic belt I would say here it is necessary proceed from needs here and in principle what's next do customer with this house if it is necessary just for a while let's extend old life the sight of it some kind of family there accessory's
  • 11:23: he just does not feel like it lose or simply not there is enough erecting a new at home you need, like, proceed from the fact that farther one will still be long live and it's serious great made there from bar here or any here he is serious then of course it makes sense to do capital foundations to approach this issue maximally scrupulous
  • 11:54: and more attention If this is cottage there 4 on 5 frame-panel built in the 50's here and that's about to be may fall apart roughly speaking, it is not see the sense of doing there is a capital there you can simply is getting by and I'm still one question wanted to ask this on repair foundation is also not light structures I would wanted it of course more a separate topic for
  • 12:24: talk already directly spot construction and for houses but most often as I understand it now is being repaired by houses made of foam concrete is it possible generally speaking just no, I do not I want now another technology If I would so said that by parts of stone houses the rise itself is impossible because only there he fragile already at the designing should be just for stone houses
  • 12:56: choose the most durable reliable but if this is not this happened in mostly echoes 90-ies when still it was not clear how what to build it did for example teams there was foundation and naturally diverged that's pretty a frequent process in our Leningrad region, therefore parts of the command Stone houses can be its just stop process that is
  • 13:27: freeze by erecting teeth polishing the foundation reinforcement is the process in foundation principle are not repaired under such houses but only slow down the process destruction I understood, thanks great for the interview and until new meetings goodbye goodbye [music]